Name: Cupid's Arrow
Sex: Female
Type: Pegasus
Build: Squishy
Body: Dark Rose Pink
Eyes: Rosey, soft expression
Hair: Long, wavy silky hair thats a Pastel Rose colour.
Cutie Mark 8D: 3 rose pink hearts in a row, the middle one bigger than the other two, with an arrow through all three.
Brief Character Description: This girl is a crazy matchmaker, It's her passion. Behind her soft, gentle smile she's a gushing lovey-dovey romantic and is almost always trying to find that special someone for friends, family, strangers, WHO CARES EVERYONE SHOULD BE IN LOVE, RIGHT?? She swears she has a knack for it, after all, she didn't get her cutie mark for nothing!
Aside from that she's gentle, polite, and very caring. Just don't let her think you have a crush on someone or you'll never hear the end of it!

+ Ref pics where possible: Basically just this,though feel free to jazz her hair up a little so it's less fluttershy-ish. I just sucked at drawing pony hairstyles haha.

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