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What do think is the best team to have and why

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:10 am
Since this is a pokemon guild I'm sure most of the people round here have pokemon games so I was just wondering what everyones dream team is

Mine would have :
Arceus-Cause I can change it's type to suit my surroundings(and it's got good stats)
Giratina-Cause protects and detects are annoying
Charizard-M charizard Y has good sp. attack and M charizard X has good attack
Gastradon or wishcash- So that I can deal with charizard's weakness
Mewtwo-in case of spritomb (base stat of 780 is pretty powerful)
Spiritomb-how good would a pokemon with no weakness be

As starter
Always a fire type except for soulsilver-In this I would have a chikorita (lugia's fault)  
PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:26 am
In my opinion legands are a cheap cop out to win. If you really have skill you shouldnt need them to win. My current team consists of:

And Charizard X

Im thinking about getting rid of Aegislash because its way over used.

And i agree on the fire type starter only because its coincidence for me. I dont choose them just because theyre fire. I choose them for looks mostly. Except fenniken. My ARCEUS do i hate that line. I chose froakie and chespin in gen 6.

P.S. spiritomb does have a weakness, forsight/fighting type and fairy typing in general.  

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:05 am
I have to say that the whole legends/ubers thing is something that I agree with Smogon on; they should only be used against other ubers, otherwise you're trying to replace skill with pure unbalanced power.

Aaanyways, I've been swapping lots of pokemon in and out of my team, but it usually consists of-
Last slot is for whatever lead I want to use; usually Infernape or Galvantula.

The team tends to change a lot, as I've raised (EV trained and leveled to 50) two boxes of 5iv pokemon so far in Y. This is just the one that has the highest success rate.  
PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:04 am
The whole debate over legends and ubers is bothersome, a pokemon is a pokemon does not matter if its a magikarp or Arceus you should use the pokemon that you like and not because of power. Anyhoo my pokemon team is nothing to fancy it is a team of pokemon I created over the years first beginning in the Hoenn Region (Due to the unableness of being able to trade pokemon from the first two generation games.) which pretty much ended in Sinnoh besides the one I switch in to replace Garchomp from time to time.

Empoleon - Team Leader - Starter from Sinnoh
Gardevoir - Team Leader (First ever pokemon to catch in ruby version and also first non in game event shiny to catch.)
Snorlax - Orre Region
Arcanine -A gift from my Ex
Sceptile - Starter from Hoenn
Garchomp - First Dragon to be caught in Sinnoh
Golurk - Brought in from Unova and used as a stand in for Garchomp from time to time

These pokemon are pokemon that I taken a real liken in and were caught/gifted to me, IV or EV does not matter to me because I have faith in these seven pokemon to bring there best to any battle I take part in. Empoleon and Gardevoir alone have proven back to back that they pull through for me even through the most roughest of battles.


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