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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:24 pm
It was just one of those nights. Ever since the surprise attack, Urania has been a bit jumpier than normal. Or was it a bit more settled and stubborn? Her family said more settled, her partner said jumpier, she thought she was just terrified that something attacked the city so far into their territory. Terrified was healthy, right?

Today had been no different. Drills, helping clear the wreckage, aiding citizens in evacuation and recovery... Tonight? Tonight she just wanted to relax, maybe wear some heels and forget that she was a solider for a few hours. It probably explained why the pilot was relaxing in the local coffee shop wearing a pencil skirt and heels and an oversize sweater practically almost draped over the arms of the overstuffed mismatched arm chair with a huge mug of some sort of spiked coffee. She didn't even care that the sweater had butterflies on it at this point. ( When addressed, she simply feigned ignorance and said they were fancy dragonflies. After the last guy who pressed the issue ended up with a handgun to the side of their head, the issue had been dropped. Quickly.... Maybe. She still gets snickers, but its behind four feet concrete walls and shatterproof glass. ) It was warm, comfortable, and dear gods didn't smell like engine grease or burnning whatever-it-was-out-there!

Coffeehouse rock mused through the speakers as people chattered. Really, what else should she be doing? Working...probably. But this was her time! Her six-hour free 'me' time before sleep and back to the wreckage sorting. ( Wasn't there people for that? Shouldn't she be scouting? Shouldn't she be doing drills in squads? Why was she assigned wreckage duty? Was it her hair? It had to be her hair. Stupid military family.)

Still, after sitting--er, lounging-- for a few hours, she was starting to crave interaction of some kind. Anyone. A familiar face! Anything! ...Which reminded her, what ever happened to those guards the general appointed? She knew one had gone 'scouting' in the desert for some reason...the other two were a bit more tight lipped and didn't seem to want to talk about their experiences. Shun and Ranee, she recalled. She liked them. Nice folks. It was hard to hear that Ranee was stuck in the hospital after that....


Urania huffed and burried herself in her coffee, fuming and absolutely embarassed for her Empire. It was her home...her home got blindsided...she was a bit upset. Just a little.... Kinda... As well as someone in a skirt and butterfly sweater could be angry.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:01 pm
Needless to say, Shun was unhappy with the recent turn of events as well. Aside from the fact that the Empire had been attacked like that, Talon was still more or less MIA somewhere in Rogue territory and the Princess was hospitalized.

So much for being a part of a squad.

At least he had come out unscathed. The impact had been felt but that was about it for him. So he had been attempting to do some help with dealing with the mess the attack had caused. After a day of doing such things, he found himself wandering into a small coffee shop with the intention of grabbing himself a light snack of sorts.

It would be Urania's luck that a familiar face did indeed show up, but unfortunately for her, he ended up walking right pass the other soldier, not really paying other patrons much mind. He was kind of hoping the same would go for him as well. Not to mention that he didn't really expect to see any familiar faces around here.

After buying himself some tea and a bagel, he went off to try and find a (hopefully) more secluded area of the shop. Maybe he could get by without getting bothered.

Probably not though.  

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

[ Radical Dreamer ]

Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:22 pm
"I don't need your Help, Dah'met." Came from a deep gritted voice, as the door of the coffee shop open quickly with a heavy thud. As gritted as his voice was, it was bright and had a whimsical pitch to it.

The cause?

Why that of a dark skinned man, for the most part falling into it and pushing it heavily open with his shoulder. His fallen weight did a fantastic job at opening the door from the outside.

"You hear me, Shoo!" Israel huffed as he pulled himself up with the help of the door. calloused hands gripped the door and ready at a flat handed push to close it, as his other fanned the annoying man away.

The Who?

Why, that of a dedicated lab aid, looking to get a foot in with the doctor. One, that thought Mr. Walters needed to be kept watched on for farther study and how the prosthetic were coping with his body...

"You tell, that Fox fellow. Everything is just peachy." Al'ite?" Shaking his head, he closed the door on the noisy intern. Shaking his head, Israel took the time to quarter turn himself and fix his flight over jacket. A faint mumble and grumble about something brow nosing and not really caring about his health, and just wanting to impress the rich whiteman. A faintly lighter hand moved up and over his high and tight dark hair, just to military regs it was bleary there anyways.

"But Mr. Walters-so soon...and-with the..."
Came muffled behind the door,.

"I said 'No!'" He swore if he was still bothered he would rip off one of his legs and beat him off so graciously with it. A sharp chin turned to look with dark green eyes at the door, the unspoken threat so cleanly noticed past the fogged window where the intern pleaded.

There was a moment of silence, before the dark man step away from the door. If not slowly, he still moved from it as the mousier aid scampered off.

"s**t son..." Rolled softly in a breath from the 6'2'' male, his hand shifted from his pocket where he reviled a beanie that was quickly pulled over his head with the help of his two hands evenly.

This all took place in the once quite coffee shop...which, slowly caught up with him as the stillness remained. Like the ripples of a stone tossed in the water, the wakes faded in to a stillness....


Quickly Forrest eyes, darted to the side where the bureistia stood awkwardly, wondering if she should do something and customers sat at tables.

Were those butterflies on that woman's sweater?......

Israel ducked his head slightly, and weakly smiled to the coffee maker. His gloved finger turned with him as he raised it as if to apologize and start a order at the same time.

"Could I get....Um.." The fingerless gloved tips moved to his full lips as he hummed. Emerald eyes searched the calk drawn menu....

Where was he?

He had been to busy trying to avoid the Intern he had actually no idea where he was.

"Ah...Well, what do you like?" T
he Pilot asked as his hand rolled form his wrist to gesture to the woman. His voice inquisitive, he really had no idea on what to get. (after the rukest he caused, he felt guilted in to at least buying something...) He gave up on the menu as it seemed to be drawn in some kind of gibberish...did they even have just black coffee. (He use to take cream, but once you go black, you just don't go back...)
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:56 pm
The door opened...and a familiar face slid in. She figured Shun wasn't up for chatting so she politely waved...aand he walked by her. Aww, how nice. Well, that is the Generals guard for yah. So caught up in work that he barely remembers to pay attention to people around him.

Didn't he hate people? Ah yeah... Good times in a bar.

She smiled and chuckled to herself and started to take a sip of her drink when suddenly the door was slammed open and someone was yelling loudly.

Of course she stared at this being and tilted her head to the side. Wait, was he absolutely lost? Yes. Yes he was. She should do something. Maybe. Probably...Yes. Yes she should. With a heave and a dainty hop, Urania was on her feet padding over, holding out her empty mug to the barrista that knew what had been in that mug. "I hate to interrupt... but I would love another one of those spiced lattes. " She then looked up at the rather tall male when the poor woman retreated quickly to fill that large mug, smiled and waggled her fingers at him. "Sorry for just cutting, but you seem rather like a fish out of water. I figured I would give you a bit more time. You know, they do have simple black coffee here. "

She did notice Shun was still mulling around. Perhaps now his attention had been caught, she did give him a small wave and gestured to the cash register. Did he want something too? She was buying apparently.


Hallowed Heckler

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:23 am
When the door suddenly slammed open with shouting, Shun turned sharply, half expecting trouble. But no. It was just... less than friendly banter between two individuals. No shooting or stabbing or any other sorts of acts of violence to get things under control were needed. Relaxing, he settled back down, then raised an eyebrow as he saw the rather large man that had entered soon begin to flounder a bit. Perhaps this wasn't exactly the destination he had hoped to be at.

Shaking his head to himself, he was about to go back with minding his own business when he heard a familiar voice. Glancing over, he now noticed Urania helping the big guy out a bit. Though, he soon furrowed his brow as he saw that she was... wearing butterflies?


Alright then.

Slowly, he waved back to her, then glanced to the register she had motioned towards. Shaking his head, he lifted his mug. He already had something. But perhaps the thought was appreciated. His expression hadn't really changed so it was likely hard to tell for sure.  
PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:42 am
Hearing the other approach, Israel felt himself straighten to the slight peering lean he had adopted while looking at the menu.

"Um-no, by all means..."
Left Walter's mouth as he straightened, and his hand found the back of his head. Scratching lightly at the itchy beanie. Got to love wool. After all, he had no idea what he was planing on getting.

The barista who luckily was sent on another task, looked to be thankful for such.

"heh..." Sheepishly left the man, picking a weak chuckle for a filler to a answer right away.

"More like a bat outside of a cave..." Israel spoke, with a friendly grin."

Ah!" He quickly exclaimed at the mention of Black coffee, looked like the little lady read his mind. " Now, that is what I am talking about-I like to keep things simple." The tone male spoke, slipping his hand to his back pocket to pull out his wallet. Flipping the worn leather apart he pulled out some Zi.

Leaning back in his stand just a little he helped his balance just a bit as he closed the wallet once more.

"Sorry about the ruckus..." His grifted voice clamored, full of life. His steady hand slipped to replace the wallet in the dark pants where it had once rested.

"Just can't get that damn little doctor aid to stop fallowing me around..." Walters trailed off finding himself rambling, but then with how confident his voice sounded; it didn't seem to care who listened or not-but yet remained to justify his actions. Strong and soulful.

Seeing the wave out of the corner of his eye, Israel did his best to wheel his sight to look at the other, just out of curiously.

Ah, they must know each other...

With a upward nod, he acknowledged the other male.

[ Radical Dreamer ]

Omnipresent Noob


Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:56 am
What was with people and their strange looks today! It was a sweater...with fancy dragonflies on it. That is all. It was like everyone swore there was a giant bug on her back or something! Sheesh!

Dismissing this weird look for the nth time today, Urania went back to nodding and listening to this poor man out of his element. He'd probably feel more comfortable in a bar instead of a little coffee house. She couldn't help but sympathize; new place, new menu, new people, new anxiety. Would Israel been someone she knew, why she probably would have gently patted his arm to try to sooth the frightened beast. Urania smartly settled for just the smile and a soft giggle.

What? Out of uniform. Giggling was allowed.

... Okay, so it was a little strained with tensions so high, but it was still a giggle.

"Its alright. These places are confusing to the 'uninitiated' intentionally, I think." The glee the taller male got from the mention of the fabled black coffee gold was rather adorable. Again, she found herself smiling. She made a few dismissing noises, half shooing his Zi away. He was new, her treat. Since Shun already got something, she was going to pay for someone's coffee so help her! "Back coffee too, large please. Oh! Thanks. ' The large mug of the spiced Latte was returned and set on the counter. Her card was swiped ( coffee house gift card from her family...yes there were butterflies on it....she was going to have to explain she really hated butterflies.)

Since there appeared to be no one else in line, Urania thought to introduce herself, or well she was until the poor man explained the doctors were following him. "Ah...They tend to do that. Following stuff. I've been seeing a lot more of those types since...er...Well for a while now. " Picking up that large Latte, she took a small sip of it, watching this new person with open interest. Oh, not because the doctors were following him around, but because he genuinely seemed interesting. And he seemed like a happy soul.

Gods, she missed Talon.

"I'm Cadet Urania Glaston. Or, well, I guess just Urania. On break right now, hah." she bubbled with a polite bob. It was hard to salute with a cup of coffee in ones hands. Even harder with heels and looking up to someone that towered over her and not falling over backwards. It was a pretty graceful bob. In a dead serious voice, and perhaps a slightly sad look, she confessed her hate of butterflies, " I really do hate butterflies as the rumors go. Really. This is the only warm sweater I have that isn't military blue. And they're fancy dragonflies. Not butterflies. Fancy dragonflies. "

Urania would linger nearby just long enough for the man to get his black coffee before half leading over to where Shun was. Yeah, Shun probably wanted to be alone, but didn't he always wanted to be alone? Silly loner. "Is it alright if we join you? " she inquired politely, so as not to garner much attention from the gawkers already gawking. Seriously... fancy dragonflies. Really.
PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:40 pm
Before he went on minding himself again, Shun caught that short nod of acknowledgement from the larger man. Catching his gaze, he gave a silent nod in return, then went on to take a sip of his drink. He wasn't paying too much attention to the conversation between Urania and the stranger, but he did catch something about a doctor following him around. That must have been the cause for the ruckus at first.

He had heard that and something about fancy dragonflies or whatever.

But it wasn't until she had wandered over by him that he looked up again. Raising a brow at her, he soon shrugged at the question presented.

"Somehow I doubt saying 'no' would really stop you from doing so anyway," he said in a neutral tone, "Go ahead."

At least he didn't seem to be afraid of being seen with a girl wearing butterflies.  

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

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Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:37 am
Israel raised a eyebrow as his money was so easily shooed away. He was going to ask if the woman was sure, but it was far to late before the item of interest was ordered. Though.

"Well, Thank ya.
" Came from the Male's mouth. "Though, in fair warning-I have you know I don't let a lady get away with paying with out some kind retort." Israel told her as he pulled his wallet out and replaced the money. He was a man's man, and if he could he didn't let a lady pay if he could get away with it. There was going to be payback.

Closing the wallet with a hard flip, he let his eyes close as he nodded to himself. Yep, he would have to pay her back, he was buying next time.

Waiting for his coffee, he turned his head to watch the cadet letting her know he was of course, listening.

Though in the doctor's aid's right, he did have a good reason to fallow Walters around.

"See, that is what I am sayin' there are pleant of other folk that need the attention..." Israel spoke and moved his black hand to gesture at his frame. "Not, little o' me..." The male chuckled. "Well, not little-but you get the idea..."

"Oh! You're enlisted!"
Israel exclaimed slightly, oh-okay then...he was a bit more okay with her buying his drink...But still, there was going to be payback.

"Well, Met Glaston."
Walters grinned, his attention partly taken to the cup that was set on the counter for him. Leaning his tall frame he grabbed it easily with a little stretch of his arm.

He took a sip of the large cup.

Mmm...the blunt roast caused his eyes to peacefully close. The warmth on the wiskers of his beard stash was quite nice.

"Sargent Israel Walters..." T
he dark man spoke after a moment as he pulled the cup from his pinkish lips. Raising his cup he nodded his thanks.

"Thank you, Cadet."
Came from a smirk form the Male.

Walters was more namely know by his nickname: 'The Black Waltz', being a pilot of a airborne partner, they seemed to have a way of making a dance floor out of the sky. Though, the name was even more ironic considering what happened to him in the attack.

"I happen to like dragonflies, especially fancy Dragonflies..."
Walters answered to Urania as he moved the cup once more to his lips, having seen her expression, she did seem quite worried about the subject. Giving a little wink, he let his eyes close once more to the warmth of the drink.

He was content with his cup of joe, and for anyone that bought it for him...he would like fancy dragonflies..

Letting his green gaze open, as he heard Glaston's voice drift in nearness, he couldn't help but hear the 'we' in her words. It caused his brow to raise once more. Well, he had nothing better to do, and anywhere were that damn aid wasn't and good company was...you didn't need to ask him twice.

"Hey-Aint you Kuroda? Private first class, right?" Walters spoke as they where invited to sit.

Well, he be damned....

"You're the one that took down that damn traitor..." He hummed as he tried to recall the woman's name, his finger tips drummed on his lips. "Damn, what was it...Nick? Right?" Israel asked, as he turned his head back to look at the dark haired male.

Did he spend that Reward money yet?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:41 pm
There was sick satisfaction from paying for another ( especially a chivalrousness male) when they squirmed just so! Why, she'd probably see how much she could do it if she wasn't too busy trying to forget everything. It had been a trying couple of days. Politics. Everywhere.

"You're most welcome." she seemed to giggle and waved it off, "Really, its nothing right now. An extra cup of coffee here and there won't break my budget. Besides, you seem nice enough. " Never mind that he was trying to escape from doctors. She currently wasn't too keen on them either.

When her status in the millitary came up, she blinked up at him and tilted her head to the side. Yes. Yes she did. It was tradition, or something like that. She'd have to ask her folks again. "Er. Yes. It's just Urania please. I'm not on duty and I'm most certainly not in uniform of any type. " Again she bobbed and smiled, quite aware of the smirk and had every intention to get him back for that little fun jab. Well, not too bad. He was a superior after all. "Ah. So you're the infamous 'Black Waltz'. I've herd quite a few stories about you, Sargent Walters. Now I can add ' Evading White Coats' to your deeds."

She had wandered off and started bothering the oh so fun Shun. Really, he should probably just start pretending to be social so Urania didn't have a go at him. It might do him some good and keep silly folks away from him.

A sympathetic smile and another bob of her head was given to the rather reclusive 'hero' before she pulled a chair to to join him and catch up on things. Really, Urania hadn't seen him since his promotion to Special Guard, and now that the General was in control, didn't that make him part of the Elite Imperial Guards? Funny how life happens like that. "Not really, but it would have included so much more begging and possible hugs. " Urania was about to ask about Shun and how he had been fairing when the always present question of his claim to fame came up.

Mentally, Urania was wincing as she forgot that not everyone knew Shun as just a ol'stick in the mud that didn't know fun. " Eh....I don't ....Okay. " She said as she fell into polite silence sipping on her coffee. It would be a wise idea to just keep quiet right now and let the 'men' talk...and show off. Really, it was going to be amusing somewhat.


Hallowed Heckler

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:19 pm
"... No hugs please."

Begging was one thing. But he would definitely prefer to not be hugged by anyone. Turning his attention towards the big guy, he found the name he gave rather familiar. The Black Waltz, as Urania had pointed out. Before he could really say much else, Walters had figured out who he was. Then again, considering things, it probably wasn't too hard to know that much.

"That is correct, Sir," Shun said quietly in response. It was both for the name and his apparent deed. He generally disliked whenever the ordeal with the Traitor was brought up because of the truth behind everything, but thankfully he had a pretty good poker face.On top of everything else going on in the Empire, he didn't need people poking around at that.

"It's an honor to meet you, Sir."

He wasn't really sure what else to say. Idle chatter with someone he didn't know really was never something he did. And so he found himself casting a glance towards Urania for help... especially since she had fallen silent. But what he said hadn't been a lie. He was a relatively well known superior with quite a bit of skill.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:02 pm
"Duty or not, one is always a soldier." Waltz commented to Urania as she politely bobbed her head at him once more.

Chuckling to her comment of his evasion of white coats, The dark male nodded, ah he did have his way of escaping a few things. "What, Can I say. I enjoy a good story." The man then boasted, wanting his life to be a interesting one if someone had decided to write about him.

When his attention moved back to Shun, a laugh couldn't help but leave him softy. Hugs could be nice things, though being in the military it admittedly had been a while sense he had shared in one with another. Regs and what not.

"No, no. The honor is mine." Walters spoke as he slowly moved himself to take a seat. His hand moved to grab the wooden chair, looking upon it-he wondered if he had dared to try and sit. Ah, What the hell..

Shifting a knee, it quaked a little as he bent it and applied pressure to a bend. Moving his body, his bum found the chair, where he notably released a held breath. Half mindlessly he set the coffee on the table, before his strong hands reached for the knee that stood out from the table. With the help of his hand he pull his knee under the table, replacing the foot with the other.

Swallowing he looked up to the other two patrons with a smile. Nothing to see here. Replacing his elbow on the table, and with out missing a beat he spoke.

"So, have you spend that Reward, Yet?"
The Black man grinned looking to Shun, before drawing green eyes on Urania. Wanting her to know, he hadn't forgot about her, and invited her to join in such conversation. After all, this was all just small talk...

[ Radical Dreamer ]

Omnipresent Noob


Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:46 pm
"Unless one has other duties such as to one's family. " She muttered through a smile. Ah, that was right. She was a nobel blood and had other titles. Well, it was just 'Lady' at this point, but there were other ambitions. Later. When she wasn't trying not to die and save idiots from burning and unstable buildings.

To Shun, she simply laughed. Oh, he would get a hug by the end of this, if only because he now vocally stated he would prefer not to have one. He really was quite easy to bother sometimes. Deep down, the man probably enjoyed it. Kinda. To a very small degree.

Urania took note of how difficult it was for the fabled sky pilot to sit, but said nothing of the sort. Men had pride. Soliders had double the pride. That was dangerous to point out weakness unless you were in the proper situation. Or drunk enough. Last she checked, this was just coffee. Either way, she returned a polite smile and pretended she had been paying attention to something else, namely Shun's lack of reaction to his claim to fame.

IT was going to be one of those conversations. Better pick a side... Iny Miny Miney Moe~

" I think he's had more pressing matters to deal with than the reward, but then most of us have. I think he spent it on the upgrade of his ZOID. " She said absently, using a finger to swirl around some of that cream in her coffee. Urania had felt eyes on her, and chose to ignore them. Her gaze did shift to Shun as a dark scowl of concern fluttered over her features, "Is she doing okay? I havent' been able to get time to see her and whenever I'm free, visiting hours are over."

She felt a bit rude asking about Ranee's well being with a 'stranger' there, but it might be the only time she could ask. Might as well, yeah? Multiple conversations were a womans' forte. Lets see if they could keep up.
PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:57 pm
Shun too noticed that Walters seemed to have some trouble sitting. And like Urania, he said nothing on it. If he had to take a guess, it might have something to do with why that doctor was following him around, but it wasn't his place to pry. If he wanted to explain things, he man would.

Taking a bite out of his bagel, he paused at the question regarding the reward money. Well. It had taken him awhile to actually spend a good chunk of it. And he now had a set of rather fancy daggers because of it. Ones that... would be effective against things with metal armor.

Like hostile strikers that got too close.

"I have invested in some things," he said, not really going into details. He also didn't say anything about Urania's little hypothesis. The evolutions of Fang and Tyrant were blamed on Saga but he was fine with leaving people to believe whatever on that matter. He soon focused on her question regarding Ranee anyway.

"As alright as she could be I suppose. I don't get to stop by often myself but she was still out last I checked."  

Blade Kuroda

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Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:31 pm
"Fair, enough." Walters spoke gathering his coffee in his hand he raised it to the words given to the question of Shun's riches. Gathering the hush-hush from the other male, Israel thought it better to let the conversation settle.

After all, they seemed kind enough to not ask if noticed what happened with him and why the doctor was fallowing him.

Quietly, The Dark male took another drink of his cup of joe and let his eyes close as they moved on to another subject.

Perhaps a friend who was injured....one perhaps worse then he, after all he wasn't in the hospital, and it didn't seem in his place to comment on it. And regardless what would he say?

For now, he enjoyed his drink...
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