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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:46 pm
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In which we try our best to catch a real monster...

...and catch up with some old friends!

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And so with the start of the rainy season, the rumors began:

"Don't go through the greenwood. You know that thicket, past the river? There is something living there, they say! I heard it from my aunt. An entire pride of lions went into the wood, and when they came out... they were in pieces! If a whole pride can't manage themselves there, how can we dogs dare try?"

"The Greenwood monster doesn't even eat its prey, that's what I hear. It just leaves remains to scare away travelers!"

"I heard its all a lie- made up by some group of baboons that doesn't want to be bothered! Sounds like a brilliant idea to me! But I'm still not walking through there."

But perhaps most importantly to you:

"I think its time we do something about this Greenwood monster. If you are just, help me make the savannah a better place. If you wish honor, come test your mettle against the firekin.

But if you be cruel, we shall find you."

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:52 pm
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[ NOTE: This is not directly plot related. ]

But if you are looking to be caught up to speed, check out the plot summary!

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Hello, hello helloooo.

Welcome to another firekineveryone event! This time there are NO RESTRICTIONS as to who can come adventure with us! If you can play it, you can involve your character.* Lions, hyenas, wild dogs...maybe be careful with prey beasts though! Monster hunting is awfully hungry business.

The scenario is that your SOA has heard a rumor that some lioness is forming a contest to take down the Greenwood monster.

[*However, since we are not on any pride's lands, so make sure you have permission to be outside of your SOA's home territory if they are in a pride/group!]

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arrow Some notations about the event!:

- We roll by dice! Events, attacks, ect. Individual rules will be announced in red bolded text for each 'event'. These are usually fairly simple. You can check out this recent RP to see how I usually run them.

- That said, your SOA is in NO DANGER. You are free to injure them if you have a low roll, but it is not needed.

- You may jump in at any time during this RP! It will be assumed your character has just been silent.

- THESE RPS SOMETIMES MOVE FAST. Please forgive us if we miss someone. NPC characters will try their best to respond to any questions and assistance given.

- Anyone may join! Rogues, lions, hyenas, wild dogs, ect. ect. Gods we ask use a mortal form if they can! I will also not bias rolls if a god is present, unless it is an incredibly specific incident.

- This is not plot related, so do not worry about knowing the current state of firekin things.

- Cubs may be banned from certain rolls, it depends on how many we have.

- FIREKIN: This is a sentinel RP! Remember that you may only have two active 'outside' characters at a time.

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The firekin cubs are available to anyone who does not have two or more firekin lined SOA. If this is you, please post [I AM A NEWBIE] in bold during your first post.

Each post you make counts as a raffle ticket towards the cubs! First rolled, first pick, ect.

User Image

For existing firekin members and everyone else, you will be eligible to win this adult firekin boy! He must stay with the pride. However there will be an additional editted SOA given out who does not.


There will be several IC prizes! These prizes include items for your SOA, and even a contract for a one time emergency heal from the god of healing himself!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:55 pm
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An stood overlooking the group gathered below. It was a small throng of mostly concerned civillians, not the small army she had called. More than half of them were in Miramar's entourage of healers, who were currently hard at work trying to save the life of the only survivor of the last attack. Although An had spent the first part of her life assisting in her pride's medical wards, she knew her talents were best used on other things at the moment.

Like putting a stop to this.

She might not look it, but if An had been born red it would have been abundantly clear she was of firekin blood. She was a large lioness, with a surprisingly kind face despite her scars. Ever since she had left the Motoujamii as apart of her life as a huria, she'd adventured and worked to help people like these. She wasn't going to boast to be particularly powerful or cunning...but she did like to think she had a way of pulling just the right strings to get something happening. This was by far her most ambitious undertaking, and a lot of string pulling it had taken indeed!

But she had a hope. Not just in the savannah rogues and mixed company, but the troop of firekin she'd heard were roaming to the north. She hadn't been sure if her name would carry any weight among them still... but she was always the optimistic one. So she was quite delighted to see that her hard work had payed off, once she caught sight of a troop of sentinels arriving.

Firekin were key to her plan. Not a lynchpin, but key. Her smile broadened as she recognized one of them. "Veru! Don't tell me you finally won a duel."

Her expression mirrored in his face, the white lion quickened his pace until he was before her. "That would be a long, glorious story," the amiable lion thrummed. "And look at you! Little An is not so little anymore."

The blonde lioness nodded her head. "Not so much at all. Veru, I am glad you all could come. I believe I have a proposition the firekin would be very interested in."

She turned around. It wasn't just firekin that she'd called, after all. "An important proposition for everyone, in fact."

Her smile belied the otherwise ominous scent of blood in the air.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:13 pm

Seide's ears shot up. Her head did the same. She knew that voice anywhere.

The Legate was at the head of the Sentinel's, following just behind Veru. The white lion had more than earned her trust, and the trust of the Firekin, and even the trust of the small prides they had visited. He was charismatic, easy on the eyes. He was valuable.

But, his quick conversation with An would be just that.

"An!." Moto'Seide's strong, upright walk turned into a jog, and then the last few steps were a loping, pleased run.

Veru may as well have been non-existent with the way Seide's bulk bumped him out of the way. She head-butted her sister, and then sank onto her back feet to give a few friendly paw-smacks with her front feet.


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:21 pm
Close by, two of An's friends dithered. One, a male from the Pridelands who frequented the unclaimed territory on occasion - though this was the first time for a while. He'd never been one to turn down an honourable adventure, though, so when he'd been called out to this he certainly was not going to say no. He loved his home but the monotony of it could grate on him at times. It made him thankful for friends like An to ensure that he was kept on his toes. He was doubly pleased this time, too, for his Swamplands friend had accompanied them, too. She didn't seem herself, though. In fact she sat looking somewhat distant, her usually bright eyes dull with some smothered emotion.

The male lion, Jemadari cleared his throat and asked: "Are you alright, Endesha? You know you can always talk to me if need be."

Endesha came back to herself at the sound of her name and gave him a faint smile. The scars on her face were healing nicely now but she had not spoken of how she had come across them. A tale for another day, no doubt. He wished he knew how to get her to open up about it. Words, however, were difficult in times like these and he was afraid he'd put his paw in it.

"I'm fine." She gestured to the black, red and white lions coming there way and rose onto her paws. "Looks as if things are about to begin."

"I do hope An knows what she's doing." Jemadari replied with a smile.

"Of course she does. And if she doesn't, we're here for back up." Endesha stepped forward and, following her lead, Jemadari trailed after.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:31 pm

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                              Hrmph. Tahir hung back at the edges of the crowd, his dark ears pinned back against his mane, and a customary scowl on hid dour face. He was thin, horribly so, with ribs visible against his scruffy hide. His hair was stringy and limp, greasy in places where it was obvious he hadn’t groomed in some while. His nails, overgrown, clicked and clacked a nervous beat on the hard ground.

                              “All this fuss over baboons,” he harrumphed. Still, it was an opportunity to skulk out some potential… allies, and he’d been very lonely as of late. He wasn’t in good fighting condition, and indeed, he hoped to avoid any sort of confrontation, but he had a keen nose (from hunger) and even keener ears.

                              “Baboons,” he repeated, quieter this time. With less conviction.

                              All these lions wouldn’t be here if it was just baboons, but one could hope…




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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:32 pm
Baatar was roaming the roguelands, as per usual. His mind wondered with him too, but sometimes in the opposite direction, unfortunately. He was so preoccupied with trying to find something interesting these days that he felt like sometimes he was losing grip on simply functioning.

He liked to play the hero, to be brave and as of late had not had an opportunity to do so. However, he was not expectant of everybody to know of his bravery, he preferred not to gloat, and to keep such things to himself. A thank-you or some vague admiration never went amiss, though.

The large grey lion hadn't noticed that he'd almost bounded into the middle of a group, and they looked to be a form of organization, or something. A few of them were talking and he looked up almost sheepishly, blood red eyes scanning new faces. "Er, I do apologise!" He bowed his head gently. Before asking what exactly was going on, he waited and hoped for his intrusion to be pardoned.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:40 pm

Amongst the crowd one could spot out a perticular blue Jackal. He had accidently made himself more noticable then intended when he happened to bumped into someone's legs. "Erk..." He hobbled backwards before reobtaining his balance. "Sorry 'bout that." He apologized to the person he had happened to run into to. Though he didn't move from the spot he was standing in after he apologized. Nope, it was because the Jackal was confident he had finally managed to catch up to that group exploring the woods... Or whatever it was they were exploring. In any case, Haki was more than glad to try and tag along with them.  


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:41 pm
Amali was working much harder lately to find a way to keep himself distracted from his name quest. He had been doing better lately, not trying to force suggestions out of every stranger he ran into that would listen to his story.. but he was also starting to worry he would never find his name and, worse, that he was forgetting his home. So when he heard rumors of adventure and monsters, he went looking for it. He was stunned to find it turned out to be true- at least, some of it appeared to be.

Normally, Amali would have pushed his way to the front and made an effort to keep on top of everything. But now he was silently standing in the midst of the group, looking around and trying to take in what it was like to be part of a group again. He had no idea his sister was amongst them and he barely seemed to be paying attention to what was happening at the front of the group.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:41 pm
Standing among the gathered rogues was Shari. She had traveled to the land from her pride because of the rumor of the contest to take down the greenwood monster. Usually she was not interested in silly things rogues and other prides were gathering together for but the chance to take something rare back into her pride to spread among the druid population was irresistable to her. Her plan was to get the greenwood monster and take it's corpse back to her pride. She would use whatever she could off it and she was going to do all she could to make sure she got the monster.

As a group of lions Shari knew nothing about meandered up she simply watched getting rather bored with the events happening at the moment. They needed to get a move on and start the contest so she could get this over with and head back to her pride.

EDIT: oops forgot.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:46 pm
Mura had seen a couple lions and other creatures in a group. It was odd, she thought, to see such a huge group in one spot. She wondered if they were a group of travelers. There was much diversity in the group, she noticed. Her attention went to a maned wolf who stood at the outskirt of the group. She made her way over to him.

"Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I am new to this area and I noticed this group gathering. If you don't mind, do you think you could tell me what the cause of the gathering is for?" She gave him a small awkward smile. It would be terrible if she was a nuisance, but she was really curious about what was going on. This was the first time she had seen such a gather such as this.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:51 pm
TAG: CaliWolfe & Club Snails

Being a very leggy fellow himself, Tahir was not surprised to find himself jostled by something small and blue. A jackal. It seemed all manner of beasts had come to attend the lions’ party. Tahir crinkled his nose a bit, peering between his legs at the little canine. He thought about snapping at him for being insolent and clumsy, but this was such a… public place. Best to play nice.

Tahir nodded slowly,” It’s alright. Can you see?” After all, jackals weren’t too big. It was hard enough for Tahir to get a good look over the backs of all these lions.

Ah, and a voice to his right, now. It seemed everyone was flocking to his smelly self. He cast a glance at the approaching lioness, his hackles rising for just a moment. Not so used to being in the attention of a large predator like herself.

“There seems to be some nuisance in the forest,” he snorted,” Baboons, most likely.” Not the most helpful of fellows, Tahir.

{ooc: I had already written my bit for the jackal when I refreshed to see Mura, so hopefully this is alright.}  



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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:51 pm

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Monster Hunting you say? Yes. This would be right up Mtifu's alley. Once she heard of this 'contest' or whatever it was, she knew she had to participate. The pack wouldn't miss her much, and if she succeeded in capturing or bringing down the monster, she would have stories to bring back.

Regardless, she was here and she wanted to participate, even if she was smaller than some of the lions gathered, Mtifu knew she could make a contribution. Who better to help track it than an experienced Howler who hunted for a living? Not to mention to be a Howler you really had to be good, since there were not that many in the Nyota. But she wasn't concerned. She was almost excited even. And as she looked around the assorted rogue creatures gathered she wondered what exactly would happen once the hunt got under way.

Well, at the very least she wasn't the only canine. She saw a jackal ana a maned wolf gathered, and while they weren't wild dogs like her, it was nice to know she wasn't the tiniest creature gathered here for the promise of some monster hunting and maybe a bit of glory. (Or the very least, bragging rights?)
PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:53 pm
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Rimma had been traveling a long way, and it seemed like long ago when she'd left the pride. Her quest to find her father, to show him how well she'd grown up, despite his absence... it was turning out to be a good deal more difficult than she'd imagined. She'd brushed by several smaller prides, with no results. Noone had seen someone with her markings.

This gathering she'd heard of, though... perhaps this would yield more results. The mood of the crowd as she padded up was quite serious, though. It seemed the reason for the grouping was not mere rumor. Something dangerous was up. Well, she might as well offer her help while she was here. She'd be able to ask others about her father as time permitted. For now, she sat and listened.  


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:54 pm
Baatar supposed there were simply too many lions to hear what was going on in the outskirts of the group, so again he graciously bowed his head and smiled. He overheard someone else asking about the gathering and decided to head over and find out for himself before the situation became.. awkward.

He also wanted to know if there was anything he could do himself to help. He also approached the mane wolf with a smile and nodded gently, as if to agree with the female who was asking the questions. He had heard rumours of something going on, but he couldn't for the life of him remember what it exactly was about...

A monster? Oh dear. He hung about quietly hoping to absorb some more information, but hoping he didn't look like he was intruding into their conversation too much.
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