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[PRP] With the pain comes love... (Hiss x Desert Spring)

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Gallant Gawker

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:59 am
Pain hit him like a stroke of lightning.

His chest felt like a giant decided to pound molten rock into it. But it was a whole lot worse than that. The searing heat would have at least stopped the blood flow, prevented him from bleeding out into the murky water which looked even muddier now, the red from his wound turning black in the muck. The crocodiles sharp teeth allowed no such mercy, instead widening the wound with every movement Hiss made while trying to escape the deadly grasp.

Not that the kimeti was foolish enough to try and rip his way out of the predator's grasp, oh no. Hiss kicked at the beast's eyes, it's sensitive snout, trying to wound it so the creature would decide the prey not worth the fight. He fought with every muscle he had, knowing that in a few minutes he would be unable to offer any resistance - it wasn't only blood flowing out of him, it was his strength, as well.

After a fierce minute the crocodile finally released his hold and escaped into the pond's depths, but Hiss knew that the battle was far from over. His fierce efforts left him with almost no strength - certainly not enough to climb the steep walls of the gully.

He needed help.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:42 pm
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Luckily for Hiss, help was incoming. Unluckily, it arrived in the form of a wolf, brown snout twitching as it peeked over the edge of the gully. It was hunting, and the smell of blood had led it here. Its blue eyes gazed hungrily down at the weakening buck. It seemed about to pounce down on its prey when --

User Image

-- a whistle came trilling through the trees at the top of the gully, followed soon by a voice. "Water Hunter, to me! Have you found something?" The wolf, apparently well-trained, turned toward the sound and disappeared into the underbrush, tail wagging. Moments later it emerged again, this time with a female kimeti in tow. Her eyes fell almost immediately on the injured buck at the bottom of the ravine and widened in shock. "Oh motherfather," the doe hissed under her breath, seeing the blood seeping out of the buck and spreading across the murky water. She stepped out and slid down the walls of the ravine gracefully, covering herself in mud in the process. Her eyes were fixed on the injured buck. "Oh no, Water Hunter didn't do this to you, did he?" She looked at the buck's wounds and then quickly back up to her wolf. His mouth was clean, and the bite marks on the buck were far too large to have been caused by him, anyway. "My god. We've got to get you out of here."  


Obsessive Shapeshifter


Gallant Gawker

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:55 am
Hiss's eyesight was getting rather blurry as he weakened, not that he was looking anywhere other than the still water, and he didn't notice the wolf, didn't see the hunter's muscles tensing, getting ready for the pounce. He heard the whistle, though, and, by habit, tried to turn his head upwards, to see who was making the noise.

And hissed.

It wasn't a good idea to use your neck muscles when they were very nearly sliced open a few seconds ago. Blackness threatened to devour his consciousnesses, and he had to close his eyes not to fall into the water in which his death lurked. So he didn't hear, nor see the beautiful, graceful young doe with a muddied coat and eyes the color of the spring sky until it was too late.

She was in the ravine.

"What are you-!" Gurgled Hiss, pain lowering his angry User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.shout to a pitiful whisper, "There's a crocodile here, just waiting until I weaken to attack again, don't the teeth marks scream danger? Just climb back up, hurry, as fast as you can!" Agitation ran through the buck's veins with a stronger effect than adrenaline. This doe needed to get out of here, right now. He took a heavy (evereversopainful) step up to where the doe was located. Then another one.(howcanthispainbecomegreater) He was going to try and push the female up, if need be. Or as far up as he could. Blood was flowing freely now, and Hiss's grey coat was now a muddy red, the crimson staining it with more color every second. If the doe started to resist, out of foolishness or out of slow reaction, he wasn't going to last three more steps.  
PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:25 pm
Desert Spring narrowed her eyes (somehow resembling a disgruntled mother looking at a disobedient child) and frowned at the buck. "Don't be ridiculous, I am not going to leave you here like this!" Crocodile or no, Spring wasn't going to just abandon this buck to die. Besides, she could take care of herself. "Stop trying to move so much! You're making the bleeding worse!"

Determined, Spring slid closer to the injured buck and carefully slid her head and shoulders under one of his forelegs, stepping forward until the majority of the front half of his body was held up by her. Strong, wiry muscles stood out on her thin frame as she lifted him -- she was stronger than she looked, certainly. "Water Hunter!" she barked, looking up at the blue-eyed wolf at the top of the ravine. "Guard!" The wolf let out a sharp little yip and slunk down the ravine to watch the retreating kimeti's backs as they struggled up the steep bank. He was smaller than a crocodile, to be sure, but he was fast and intelligent, and his teeth were sharp.  


Obsessive Shapeshifter


Gallant Gawker

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 11:04 pm
Hiss was very nearly unconscious by now, the wound overcoming his strength. He was too weak to protest further, could only breath through the pain and try to help the doe move his heavy body up the gully. He managed three, four steps up, nearly fully escaping the muddy trap before black fog consumed his vision. "Thank you," he rasped, and then his head slumped, and only the beating of his heart and the flow of his blood signaled that he was still alive.

Sorry for the incredibly long wait and the reply! :C I just don't know what else he could do in this situation, considering he probably bled out an almost fatal amount of blood! Just tell me when you need me to wake him up, and I'll come running!

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