Updated: November 30, 2012 April 14, 2013

Attend Special Events: 25,000g per event you successfully attend
New! Post Comment: 1,000g (comments have to be related to topic! No "bumps," No "Hi," Nothing rude, and try not to make it short!)
Post a Topic in the Chat Room: 10k per post with a maximum of 1 post a month
Having your post become Popular: 250,000g
Donate items over 1,000g: 500 TAB per 1k worth item donated
New! Donate gaia gold to guild or to Captains account: 500 TAB per every 1,000g donated (Please send PM of amount donated or you will not get TAB)
Gaia Cash: 1,000g gaia cash= 500,000g TAB
Avi Art: up too 500,000g per art (depends on art)
Contests: Enter contests to win TAB prizes or items.

Attention: You can receive TAB for being a popular topic or having a certain amount of pages.

5 pages 15,000 TAB
10 pages 35,000 TAB
15 pages 50,000 TAB
25+ pages 75,000 TAB

1. Please do not post or comment inappropriate contents, "bump," or something short such as "hi." Such comments will be voided.
2. Your topics must be something eye-catching. You will not get your TAB unless you have at least 5 comments on your topic Comments can be from anyone, excluding yourself.
3. To donate Gaia Cash, you need to send the "Redeem Code" via PM to i_GoNnA_rUn_YaPs_YaY. If the redeem code works than you get 500k per every 1000 gaia cash received.
4. Your Avi Art can be of anything appropriate. From requests to your favorite Character from a cartoon or anime. Can even be an old art project or a fast sketch.
Has to be colored and have some talent in it. Can not be of anything adult swim such as: American Dad, Family Guy, Mr. Meatball, or Chicken Robot. Also, can't be of Sponge Bob. For more information about Avi Art qualifications or TAB Accumulations, PM i_GoNnA_rUn_YaPs_YaY.