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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:23 pm
Character Name: Yvonne Estheim-Pristi'Sofia, but introduces herself as Yohan
Character Gender: Female, though you'd never guess
Character Age: Eighteen
Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Pirate; Fugitive; Free Hire
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Neutral
Alignment: Unassigned
Main or Minor?: Main
User Image

Canon: Tales of Symphonia
Canon Point: Post-Dawn of the New World
Means of Arrival: Yvonne is a native of Aselia

Class: Magic Swordsman
Fighting Style: Mostly close range, but uses magic when it's necessary.
Weapon(s): She uses short swords and hidden knives. As for the gun she carries, it's useless unless she hits someone over the head with it.
Demon Fang
Sonic Thrust
Sword Rain
Tiger Blade
Triple Cut - Yvonne will draw her sword that unleashes an energy strike before cutting her enemy and then spinning to cut again
Aqua Edge
Aqua Laser
Tidal Wave
Healing Stream
Water Shield - Forms a thick shield of water around Yvonne and her allies; forms automatically if she trusts you; will be rendered useless if the ally uses lightning based magic and attacks; triples the defensive power for all allies if another ally uses water based magic and attacks

Personality: Yvonne is a boyish young woman. She has no interest in impressing the men, and has no problem with her appearance and voice, which are both rather boyish. She's impulsive and tends to act without thought, but she has her moments of calculation. Yvonne is reliable, and isn't the kind of person to betray her friends and family for her own safety. She'd sooner be tortured to death by a god or something than do such a thing.
Fave Food Type: Seafood dishes
Biography: Yvonne was born on a notorious pirate ship, the Estheim-Pristi'Sofia. Because her parents, who were the captains of the crew, had a lack of last names, Yvonne was named after the ship on which she was born. She was raised to be a fighter, but also to be loyal to those she trusts. Because of their profession, Yvonne was intentionally given the appearance of a boy, as to protect her from the dangerous temptation of men during ship raids. As a child, Yvonne had always found the seas to be her home, and considered Undine to be her soul mother. However, her crew where seized by the government and imprisoned, her parents executed for crimes against the world, and the Estheim-Pristi'Sofia taken into custody, hidden away in a remote region of the world. Though she has every intention of getting her crew and ship back to restore their former glory, she has to evade soldiers and capture in order to do so. She is a fugitive that escaped prison in order to complete her goal.
Other Notes: She's an amazing artist and musician, but her true talent--second to being a pirate, of course, is sewing. Don't let her catch you watching, though! Yvonne also has the skill to "read the ocean", and is very knowledgeable about Undine and Aqua due to studies as a child.

Victory - "Was that all? I was just getting started!"
Low Health - "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...."
Repeat Battle - "This is getting annoying."
Downed - "Sorry, guys....I guess you're on your own."
Revived - "Ha! You didn't think I was serious, did you?"
Strong Enemy - "Bring it! No one is going to stop me from getting home!"
Weak Enemy - "Is this some kind of joke?"
Killing an Enemy - "That was just a warm up!"
Fleeing - "You won't hold this against me, will you?"
PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:51 pm
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Yvonne "Yohan" Estheim-Pristi`Sofia
Location LOCATION | Company COMPANY

Text text text text text text text text text text "Speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak" Text text text text text text text text text text Think think think think think think think think think think Text text text text text text text text text text

[color=deepskyblue][size=10][b]Yvonne "Yohan" Estheim-Pristi`Sofia[/b][/size]
[size=11][b]Location[/b] -- | [b]Company[/b] --
[b]Crew[/b] --[/size][/color][/align]


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