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Twin Concept Contest -- CLOSED, CONGRATS JUN!!!

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Obsessive Shapeshifter

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:51 pm

And now Flayre and I are holding contests for the two remaining offspring!

User Image

Flayre is holding a raffle for newbies (0-3 kimeti) that is open now and ending Saturday night at 10:30 pm EST for the buck on the right. I am holding a matching twin-name and concept/naming dream contest that will be ending on Tuesday, June 7, at 9:30 pm EST.

SO. If you want the twin girl up there, all you've gotta do is come up with matching names and either a concept or a shared naming dream (or both) for these two twins. The entry that I like the best will win the doe, and I will keep the buck. NOTE: I really want an RP partner for these twins, so don't enter unless you plan on sticking around to RP with me. ;P

Here's the form, post away! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

[b][size=24]TWIN TIME[/size][/b]
[b][color=darkcyan]Concept/Naming Dream:[/b][/color]
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:39 pm
Name: Dark Mudripple/Light Mudripple
Concept/Naming Dream: I'm really new to Matope so I'm not exactly sure how the whole naming thing works. My idea would be more along the lines of them as twins. The traditional yin/yang mythology.  

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Dedicated Bunny

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:19 am
Name: Searching Solace & Finding Hope
Concept/Naming Dream: Written from the point-of-view that the doe is Searching Solace and the buck is Finding Hope (can be flopped later if you prefer one personality concept over the other). The concept is that the twins balance each other out. The doe, meek and unsure, finds comfort in her brother's presence. Oppositely, the buck, strong and sure, finds peace in protecting his sister. He is the hope she searches for, while she is the solace he finds in having purpose.

Dream Concept (Doe Side)
She drinks from the water. As it drips from her chin, it shakes the surface. The ripples hide any reflection in a wave. She squints, but cannot see. Suddenly, she is overtaken by fear and need. Her head flies up, searching left, searching right. Beneath her, the reflection slowly calms and comes into view. It looks right, it looks left, but they do not match. From the side of her vision, she notices. Her reflection is no longer just hers. All along she was searching for a solace that was right in front of her. She turns her head and finally the two faces match up again. She is looking at her hope.

Dream Concept (Buck Side)
He drinks from the water. As he looks down, his reflection is small and shivering. A hoof touches the water, sending many ripples. Then his wavering reflection begins to move without him, it looks left, it looks right. In an instant he feels he must find something. He looks right, he looks left, there is nothing else here to be seen. From the side of his vision, he notices. His reflection is no longer just his. All along he wished to find a hope that was right in front of him. He turns his head and finally the two faces match up again. He is looking at his solace.  
PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:28 am
Name: With-The-Tide [DOE] Sea Typhoon [BUCK]
Concept/Naming Dream:

Coming in, receding. Coming in, receding.

She is the tide, kissing the shore then withdrawing her love. The ocean is her brother, the strong force that pushes her to land. They are in a constant battle with each other, the ocean always pushing, the tide always pushing back. Trapped in a never-ending war of strength and determination. Though they are one, they will always be two.

Coming in, receding. Coming in, receding.

[[GEE, MEETS BABIES!! ALSO editted because I didn't get that I was supposed to do both]]  

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:30 am
Name: Rise to Me / Blow You Down
Concept/Naming Dream:

Rise to Me would be hot-headed and cocky, a proud loudmouth who doesn't know when to stop or give up.
Blow You Down would be a big beefy mother-hubbard, pretty solemn outwardly. They stick by their twin and help keep and/or get them out of trouble.

But what about the dream, Corms
(I am getting to that presently, even if it is ridiculously short. Genders kept neutral for the sake of you being able to choose!)

Twin kimeti stand together before you.

One snarls and tosses their head defiantly as they say, "Say that again, I dare you!" They seem intimidating, but you know that they're all puff and bluster with little substance.

The other remains quiet, but their eyes glitter with menace, and the muscles under their skin tense, ready for a fight. You know that when they fight, they fight to win.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:55 am
Names: Leaves-the-Sea (Stream - Doe?) / Leaves-to-See (Stray - Buck?)
Concept/Naming Dream:

Naming Dream
"He loves me, she loves me not,
she loves me, he loves me not,
he loves me, she - oh, blast!"

The heavy crash of waves against the bluff perfectly accompanies the kick and stamp, the stem of the denuded flower splintered viciously into the ground.

"It's all so silly, anyway…
It's all so silly, anyway! There is so much more to think about - so much more to do;
so much out there, so much to see, to taste, hear, touch -
I'll get out there -
I'll leave the/to sea/see - the infinite vista that/a-waits, exotic, exciting, alive to my eager step, the dense, spongy give of dark moss, the wet slap of dead leaves, the solid tap of wizened mangrove roots; the rapt, tireless tenacity of sucking mud, the sweet, steady serenity of cool, still lakes -
The nameless flowers, the fruits, that I will name, and taste, some delightful, that I will laugh, and taste again, again, until it is vanished and I will start on another, some bitter, that I will twist my tongue, and scrape it against rough bark until the memory fades; some yet that I will regret, stumbling, tumbling, till fever dreams have run their course and I find sweet fruit again -
The nameless creatures that I will name, that will run, startled and in fear, from me, that I must run, swiftly and in fright, from; that will perhaps instead turn backwards thrice, steal to my hoof, cautious and curious, till temptation overcomes and it rounds my sure limb, plucking daintily the morsel proffered from my lip and evermore become a companion, sure-limbed, beside me -
The songs, the stories, the songs that I will learn - all the stories, the songs, till I reach the ones that do not yet exist, and then they will, for I will sing them, tell them, sing them; all shall know these joys, and also the sorrows, for there will be sorrows, but I will tell them, sing them, that they shall know the sorrows and revel in the joys, sing them, tell them, dance them, sing them - all!"

- and munches up the plucked petals in a dazzling show of defiance.

Below, the waves continue to break, a blazing sun scattering diamonds across an endless sea. Seabirds call, wheeling across the open sky; stranger birds call beyond them, behind them. Surveying all that is familiar and home, vibrating finely with an illimitable energy, the kimeti asks: "So, what now?"

"So, let's go!"
the kimeti replied.

Str'y/m was born into a large clutch, and Str'm/y knows Str'y/m is not the most distinctive - especially not next to the sister/brother who is so striking/lovely; but Str'm/y also knows that Str'y/m is special, because Str'm/y is never alone.

My basic concept is that they are free-spirited twins: cheerfully afflicted with a terrible wanderlust, they wander the landscape, delighting in the varied sights they see; quite, quite normal - except they think that they are not two, but one. But this is only the beginning of their journey…

They don't think of themselves as two different kimeti, but as one kimeti handily residing in two different forms (sometimes it is easier to reach a cluster of berries in the centre of a bush when you are smaller and slimmer and can reach a little farther; sometimes it is easier to push an inconvenient aside when you are just that bit stronger and sturdier). Doesn't everyone have more than one 'me' inside? Doesn't everyone argue with themselves sometimes? The only difference, after all, is that they do it out loud. They travel ceaselessly, living easily off the land and oohing-and-aahing over the wonders they see; they are not often seen, always on the move, always searching for those strange little places others aren't even sure exist, or would want to venture even if they knew they did, always travelling at whatever odd times they feel like for the day. When they go through areas they know they are likely to meet other kimeti, they tend to split up, knowing that when others see them together they are always addressed as two, and that annoys them beyond belief. Apart, they speak just as they do together, freely and melodically, believing their counterpart speaks with them also. When asked for their name, they introduce themselves homonymically - "My name is Leaves-the/to-Sea/See," the free-flowing trip of syllables eliding the barest difference. Often when those who have met them alone converse to each other after, confusion occurs:
"I met Leaves-t'-See today, and he said -"
"He? I met Leaves-t'-Sea today too, and she's a doe!"
"What?! No! He was definitely a buck!"
And so on. By the time someone figures out there were two of them, they have already moved on to their next destination. When they are together, their private names are Stray and Stream (perhaps a leftover from their early days with the clutch?), but they pronounce it so - Str'y, Str'm, the tail barely distinct (I imagine in kimeti terms that it would be a chirp cut short, one inflected upwards and the other downwards at the end). They trade fond jibes, they wonder, they laugh. When they run together, they run in tandem, side-by-side, that if you see them from a distance, you would blink and think one a shadow of the other. If one chances to properly meet them together and have them speak, they would speak as one - you would hear their voices perfectly harmonised, good-humoured and light and perhaps prone to lyrical hyperbole, but almost eerie in the exact duplication of each other's words. This happens so rarely, few have realised there are twins. They themselves have not yet realised.

I would imagine the perfect harmony of their world is only shattered the day one of them stumbles back to their temporary base of the day, confused and strangely guilty, with a sac. O: The other is crushed - not because, oh gosh, you went off and had a bby without me, but because, oh gosh, you went off and had a bby and I didn't even realise, I didn't even feel it! And they had always always believed that they were one and felt what each other felt, always. This forces them to confront the fact that they are not one, they are really two. This would lead to an existentialist crisis for a little while, but they don't take very long to resolve it and decide, well, they are two but that doesn't mean they can't also be one and vice versa, partially because they have always been pretty fluid, and partially because - hey, the bby is so cute. This is probably where the little differences in their personality and tastes (that have probably always been there, but deliberately downplayed) start developing more, and they become more receptive to doing things independently of each other. Which obviously leads to more bbys over time, that they always bring back to raise (that is to say - cheerfully drag around) together - I like the thought that they also end up gathering lost sacs and youngin's (and even dissolute kimeti) along the way, ending up with a small rag-tag travelling herd of sorts who can probably never tell who is actually directly related to whom, that the children who spread their wings and leave the group often end up having to tell those who ask, "My father is Leaves-to-See, or my mother is Leaves-the-Sea, or neither!"

Now that there are many instead of just two (or one, as it were), they evolve quite naturally from exotic tourists to Bohemian travelling gypsy troubadours, gaily relating tales of the sights they have seen on their travels, sometimes in song, sometimes in dance, sometimes re-enacting the scenes with their little (or not so little anymore) helpers, oftentimes all three, complete with audience participation! I think it would be really, really lovely (but only if you'd like, of course) to try to ascend them this way, RPing and storytelling as part of their journey, with the thought that as they personally grow to the stage where they are comfortable with both being one and being two and are happy, caring, and celebrating joy with the world at large (and their young 'meti troupe), one day they will wake up and find that they are suddenly connected to the Swamp in this wonderful and intimate way, and they will go 'Sweet!' and spread travelling blessings along with their performances. 8D;;

…tl;dr. emo

Aaah gosh, I'm sorry it's so long but since I've gotten down to here I might as well finish off with a bit of explanation. First off - I know the name "Leaves-the-Sea" is… XD;; But that is totally Maxx's fault, I was all excited and showed him and he said "somebody call her Leaves-the-Sea and make her nickname 'Stream,' please!" and at this point of time I knew I wanted homonyms or near-homonyms for them and instantly I thought "Leaves-to-See' - Stray!" and the wandering aspect of their personalities sprung up and…ARGH. I rly hope you (and Meets!) don't mind, vagues… For the naming dreams, the turquoise and teal counterparts are eliminated where appropriate in their respective naming dreams, and the darkcyan bits converted to whichever is their text-colour. Of the two darkcyan lines at the end, the first is in the colour of the 'meti whose dream it is, and the second in the twin's colour, to symbolise that the twins pushing each other on. The dream starts with the ol' 'love me love me not' flower gambit to hint at their very early insecurity about standing out enough for affection amongst their siblings - I personally think they're friggin' gorgeous, but I just played off the fact that the others have more varied patterns. XD;; Finally - I don't know how they ended up with these personalities considering what their parents are like! ^^;; I do like to think, though, that when their personalities start developing apart a little more, that lingering traces of their parents show up.

Jun D

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:04 am
Name: Brackish (for him) and Brine (for her)
Concept/Naming Dream:

It was dark- but then, it is always dark at the beginning. The little girl opened her eyes, but saw nothing, for there was nothing to see. A deafening silence filled her ears, pressing in upon her head, forcing her to wince in pain. But soon the silence was replaced with quiet, and so rarely are the two the same. There was a noise she could hear- water, lapping at the shoreline. But unlike swamp-pool ripples, this water was louder, more forceful, more aggressive. As a soft yellow glow began to rise, she stared in the direction of the great sea. She felt compelled to dip her feet in it, letting the small waves crash against her ankles. But as she met the sea, she soon realized that she wasn't alone in this hazy dreamscape.

They say that there's a sort of sixth sense that twins have about each other. They share each other's emotions- life's joys and sorrows. So it came as little surprise to her that her twin brother had appeared in her dream- or had she appeared in his? Wordlessly, he stood beside her.

They'd never seen the ocean; only the swamp. The girl stared at the boy; the boy stared at the girl, and in their eyes, they melted together. They were one, one soul sharing the two bodies. She reached out to nudge him in solidarity, but the warning not to touch anything until she’d done what she’d come to do blazed red through her mind, making her burn. She must cool herself, and the water… the water was right there.

Slowly, she dipped a slender pink tongue into the shallows. The bitter salt taste wrinkled her nose, but she felt a deep need to again drink from the dead waters. She drank of them until she could drink no more. Grimacing, she shook he head. “It’s brackish,” she said to him, warning and informing. But he knew that he needed to drink it for the symmetry to be preserved. So he bent down to lap at the water himself. “Ulch,” he whined, hating the taste and feeling no practical need to have sampled it, other than the twin magic. “It’s brine.”

And the two looked at each other again and suddenly knew what they’d done. She’d called him and he’d called her and thus it would be for the rest of their lives.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:34 pm
Names: Hello / Goodbye
Concept/Naming Dream:
Noses touch and prod at each other, sniffing and snuffling, as they check and probe the other. Two sets of eyes blink and watch each other from near and far distances- Examining and learning. What is this other? Do they know who they are as well? A mouth turns upwards and opens in greeting--
"It's so nice to meet you. Shall we be friends?"


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:46 pm
Name: Gentle Breeze (doe) and Tides Unleashed (Buck)
Concept/Naming Dream:

The two as one, a silent beat, pulsing in the swamp.
Fates entwined, heart sublime, a pair you've yet to meet.
One saw life with great big sparks, her eyes the brightest fireflies.
While he saw life a steady pace, narrow eyes and solemn face.
Breeze had father's leading grace, Leashed within mum's warm embrace.
The two were close, inseparable, as honey were to bees.
Their love for each would always meet, as tide to shore to sea.

The younger, headstrong, took charge of all, while he, bit older, kind soul, we'd call.
She was the drop, to start it all, and he, the ripples, small hills to fall
She was the wave, that rode on high, while he, the calm that passed on by.
With gentle breeze, a tide's unleashed.
As tides whip about, what's formed, is breeze.
One without the other would cease to be, anymore, chaos, you'd see.
The two as one, it's plain to see, were made for each other, simple as can be.

(Short Blurb: I wanted to mix and match the names and personality. The name Gentle Breeze makes you think of something quiet and soft-spoken, and though she's the younger one, she takes charge of her brother, acting more like her father, kind yet protective, being more headstrong and more of a leader.

The name Tide's Unleashed make you think of adventure, recklessness and cockiness, but Tide is a gentle soul, soft-spoken, having the kindness and sweetness of his mother.

They're twins, share everything, and love each other dearly as each complete the other, as Tide calms Breeze and Breeze encourages Tide. Kind of how Meet completes Nudge and vice versa. 8D (/brick'd)  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:35 pm
Names: Drowning at Sea (doe) and Searching for Shore (buck)
Concept/Naming Dream:

Drowning at Sea (Drowning) is a very shy kimeti who is easily overwhelmed by many others, or by frightening or unexpected events. When she does get overwhelmed, the first person she looks to is the one she has been closest to for her entire life - her brother. She follows his advice and guidance when the whole world seems like nothing more than a roiling sea of confusion for her, and somehow, things almost always come out right.

But don't let this make you think she's nothing but his shadow. She does her best to push herself past the fear, and to rely on herself as much as on him. Drowning may be easily overwhelmed, but she will never let that stop her from living life, whether she needs advice and guidance or not. And she doesn't blindly and blithely accept everything her brother says. When she believes he's wrong, she will tell him. He is the only one in the world she feels safe talking to and standing up against, and she values that because she knows that it's a real bond between them, not just an imagined need on her part.

Searching for Shore (Searching) is a good brother. He understands that his sister is shy and scared, and that the world throws her in all directions with little care. He cares. As much as it may sometimes irritate him to have to calm her or advise her or gently guide her in life, he knows that he can do it because he has the self confidence she lacks, and the forward thinking mind to go with it. He can see what she cannot, and so he understands that it is his duty to watch over her, but also to push her to stand on her own four feet and learn to see the truths for herself.

For his own view on life, as I said, Searching is a forward thinker. Not only does he feel comfortable guiding his sister toward what he believes is the right path, he has the mind of a visionary, and may someday contribute more than simple leadership to his people. He may, indeed, contribute a true innovation. It lurks within him, deep waves that occasionally break the surface with a raw need to get out, but has yet to burst forth. Searching will lead his own life, looking out for his sister but also looking out for himself, and relying on the sometimes bright insights that Drowning has to help fill the small holes in himself, because it's only when the two work together that they are completely whole and unstoppable.

Naming Dream - shared

Darkness all around, waves crashing against them,
water covering eyes and noses and mouths,
snouts held high to gasp in air...

Rocking, rolling, spinning, slowy
they crest the waves again, drowning at sea
in the darkness of night waters that swallow...

He breaks forth, nose pointing toward sand,
toward beach, toward home.
She feels his guidance as his tail wraps close...

Leading her back.
Searching for shore.  

Annora Lyrisa

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Obsessive Shapeshifter

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:49 pm
Alright, entries end here! Now time to judge. O_o  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:50 pm
Okay everyone, this was extremely hard to judge as there were so many beautiful, unique and amazing entries! But after much deliberation by myself (and with input from Flayre), I have decided to go with Jun D's entry of Leaves-the-Sea and Leaves-to-See.
Jun D

Jun, your entry was just so well thought out and the concept of the twins seeing themselves as one being (conveniently!) separated into two bodies really appealed to me. Their nicknames are wonderful. The idea of them splitting up among people to keep their guise of one individual (nobody else UNDERSTANDS!) is wonderful. The traveling gypsy-esque troupe idea for when their older is wonderful. It's all wonderful. I can't wait to RP with you.

That said, there were so many other good entries. Scara, yours really stood out to me too -- the names are amazing, and the dream...so good. The way you incorporated the parents' names into the dream as well was wonderful. I love the two of them and while I didn't necessarily see them as these two meti, I DEFINITELY think you should save the names/dream and maybe get them commissioned or something, it was all just SO GOOD.

Thank you to everyone who participated! You all rock. 83  


Obsessive Shapeshifter


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