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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:09 pm
Name: Sudden Storm -- Storm for short.
Gender: Boy.
Type: Pegasus
Body Dark gray, something like #11171B
Eyes: Much brighter blue, something like #0099FF. Expression, um. Suspiciousface? Serious and slightly narrowed. |:< He sees what you did there.
Hair: Dark blue, something like #0C1442, with a streak of very pale blue #D0ECFF (ow, my eyes), in the bangs. Short and somewhat messy.
Cutie Mark 8D: A lightning bolt. Or a stormcloud with a lightning bolt, either works pretty well for the pony~
Brief Character Description: Storm is always waiting for trouble to arise. He just knows that at any moment, a problem is going to pop up, another pony's going to trip him, and that lovely sunny day is going to turn dark and stormy. Not exactly fun to hang around, but a good sort at heart; he just doesn't like being caught unawares. He'll probably spend most of his time wandering around Phonyland and building up a store of information about its inhabitants. Know one's (potential) enemy and all that.
+ Ref pics where possible: Oh lookit :B

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:24 pm
Name: Jazz
Gender: Boy.
Type: Earth
Body White.
Eyes: Blue, with a mischievous grin.
Hair: Black, short and trendy.
Cutie Mark 8D: A quarter rest.
Brief Character Description: Jazz is always stylish, trendy, and easygoing, making friends and striking up impromptu dance competitions with ease. He loves little more than music, and will probably be a dancer of some sort, stamping his hooves to the rhythm in his head. And possibly happily bothering Prowl, if that's allowed~
+ Ref pics where possible: I suppose this is where I ask for extras, haha -- if it's possible to get him a blue visor, that would be neat. I'm primarily basing this off the G1 Jazz, although I also like the movie and TF: Animated versions of Jazz, if those strike your fancy more!
Fireflight: Maxx: Aw, I'm sorry - this is just gonna be me being mean. I'm more picky about who gets girliefied because I identify more with certain Transformers and those TFs, out of personal preference, I would rather them not be girliefied. I'm sorry, lost, I really am.

There're two options for this: 1. an actual cosplay dude Jazz Phony, and you'll have to be open to others using the word 'Jazz' in other Phony names.
2. An alternate female version, keeping the traits here but the name 'Jazz' with something else added, like 'Smooth Jazz' or something. You would also have to be open that there could be a male cosplay Jazz with the name 'Jazz'.

It's just really my personal preferences, and again, apologies!

[No prob, Maxx! I'll go ahead and change it to a guy quest :3 I'm totally fine with other people using the word Jazz, not like I've got a monopoly on it! XD]

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Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to his cosplay status and visor.


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