If You Like Any of These Ideas and Would Like to Start, PM Me

I am online often, and am (98% of the time anyway) a literate roleplayer. I have thought/done RPs such as the following before, and would really like to do some more. Look the list over and let me know (read top sentence) which one you would like to start doing with me.

♠ A human (you) has moved to a community of unnatural creatures and is sick of the neighbors only coming out at night, every in school looking at them like they are something to eat. Leaving school early to get away from the problems, you stumble into the real black market, where there are massive wolves for sale in a stall. Taking one home, it slowly changes your life, that you discover is dripping with danger, for the better.

♠ There is a war between the vampires and wolves, but one vampire (you) hesitates to kill a wolf mid-fight. She passed out from blood-loss and changes into her human form and now you are staring down at your high-school girlfriend. She's known who you were the whole time, and never attacked you -- this fight had been self-defense, and now you have to decide what to do and how to keep your nest/her pack from finding out. Or else...

♠ Wolves and other strange creatures have been captured for cruel and unusual purposes for years, and you (a wolf) awake one morning to find a strange wolf staring at you through the bars. You've never seen of them before, but you've heard of them in freakish stories, and now they're breaking you out. Once out, the two of you must find a place where you won't be caught again, and won't be attacked by other animal enemies, find food and a den, and, maybe, one day, a pack.

♠ You (don't care what species, though wolf preferred) have finally picked up the pieces of your life after seeing your mate killed (details included when you PM about this one) and are now living in a newly built house in the woods near her old mountain territory. You have found yourself a new girlfriend/female friend (you chose which, but she is human and unaware of the supernatural world right in front of her), and you care about her, but she of course loves you far more than you do her.

One day, she comes over sidetracked about going to those mountains to explore the rumor a massive crimson wolf has been running around out there at night. Your old mate was crimson and you quickly agree. After hiking all over until your girlfriend has grown tired and bored with it, you hear a loud, familiar howl calling you and you race off faster than your girlfriend could ever run, and you find yourself looking up at your old mate who is watching you back.

Now, what will happen? Your new girlfriend won't want another girl around, and while you have gotten so used to her, you have an undying connection to your revived mate.

♠ You are heading back to your car on your way through the short cut (the park) and don't feel like talking to anyone around you, though you are well-known in school/work. It is getting dark when you are almost to the exit path and you see something laying in the thickness a few yards away from the trails. How irritating, you actually have a conscience despite your intimidating reputation and fighting nature; so you check it out. Here lies a large, crimson colored, thick furred dog. It's similar to a wolf, but the coloring is too unusual and why would it be in the city?

Still, you take her home and lay the animal down in the house's largest tub and lock the room off until you check in later that night and find her awake and up. She never seems aggressive to you, in fact she seems happy to follow you around and stay glued to your side, and even nervous about simple, but ever since bringing her back, strange people have been coming to town and things change as she turns out to be able to turn into a girl ...who doesn't remember anything but waking up in your house. Is her world dangerous, or bearable?

♠ There are two wolf packs, both have been dominant in their hemispheres, that have come together for a meeting. The two alphas have decided to create a new pack -- in preparation to take over a new territory, to steal the best hunting and den sight from a vampire nest -- by sending forward their best wolf. From one pack, the young, prime males gather to have a fight amongst themselves to see who is the strongest. You, a large, powerful, and egotistic male, throw down all rivals with little more than a scratch.

In the other pack, the females began to scrabble as well, and in the confusion, the alpha's daughter was pulled in, and in defense, also, threw down all the others in the mass of flying fur. And so, she has been (by accident or not) named your new mate. Needless to say, while you think you have won the best prize of them all and your cocky attitude only swells by being allowed to have her at your side, she's not thrilled.

All that is left now is to win her over, although you are already beginning to lead your choice of three wolves from your old packs, and begin the take over of this new territory to ensure the future of this new pack; gaining ample food, water, and safety before you carry through with starting your own family, who will take over once you are gone. This is a RP of defense and offense, romance, and primal needs. Good luck.

Note: All of these are open to your changes, you just have to let me know. I love hearing ideas, and having unforeseen twists and turns in the plot. You may have any unusual ...abilities you want, just be creative.

Rules: No godmodding, do not use *'s to say what you are doing, use virtually no descriptive features, and let me know if you are going to be absent for a day or more, or, if you have invited a friend to join us to play a part as well.