Resident Evil Musicals
by ShadowLeggy

Resident Evil Numa REmake
One of my absolutely favorite YouTube videos. ShadowLeggy has made a hilarious re-imagining of "Numa Numa"'s lyrics to suit a Resident Evil Music Video. Check it out and be obsessed! Be sure to check out her orriginal version, also. Resident Evil Numa (Original)

Resident Evil Excited REmake
A tribute to Resident Evil's villains set to the song "Excited". It is unbelievably funny and completely worth 4 minutes of your life. Go watch it. Laugh . . . or else. And here's the orriginal to this one, also. I'm not sure which I like better yet. I haven't watched the remake enough times to decide. Resident Evil Excited (Original)

Resident Evil Movie (In A Nutshell)
A highly entertaining parody of the Resident Evil movie. It's pretty good, but then I didn't really like the movie so . . . that can be expected.

Resident Evil: Back to the Future
So this is probably most amusing if you're somewhat familiar with many of the characters in the Resident Evil games, especially since the humor relies on that . . .

Resident Evil "Montage" Rumble
Just a little collection of clips and short scenes of various RE characters frolicking through their world. Very funny!

Resident Evil Montage Rumble 2
I really like this one, too. It uses a variety of music rather than just one song. It's pretty entertaining.

Home S.T.A.R. Leon
Do you like Homestar Runner? Do you like Resident Evil? Tah dah! It's both at the same time!

Tribute to a Hero
You know the guy in the first Resident Evil game who takes off in the helicopter? Well here's a tribute to him . . . set to the chicken song.

Resident Evil: Alfred's Day
Just a quickie poking fun at Alfred Ashford . . . because its so hard to do.

RE4: The Day After
Luis gets a phone call the day after the game ends . . . I'm not sure how . . . but he apparently does . . .