User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name: Allia
Age: 25
Nameday: 3549.11.15
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: ???
Weyr: Western Weyr
Rider Rank: Wingrider
Previous Rank/Craft: /shrug
Physical Description:
Petite and small-framed at 5'1", Allia has pale, easily-burned skin to go with fair hair and a light brown eye color. She suffered a bad scoring in her first Threadfall, and between that and subsequent rounds, bears extensive scarring over more than half her body, including the loss of her right eye.

In the beginning, Allia was constantly overwhelmed by life in a Weyr, even one that was mostly shut down at the time. Compared to the very quiet little cothold she grew up in, it was busy and confusing. It was such a foreign environment, full of such foreign ideas, that Allia had trouble catching up with all the changes in her life, and processing the wide variety of opinions and worldviews even among her weyrling class, let alone what was presented in classes during their spotty training. She was very up in the air as to whether or not all those differing views and mindsets were right or wrong or somewhere in between, and just when she had finally almost worked throguh it all, she graduated and had to seek a new home, where she would have to start all over again. Then Thread returned, and she was uprooted again. Each time she reaches a new place or new phase in her life, she observes with wide eyes, witholding judgement until she manages to process everything.

The adjustment process tends to take her awhile (though less so each time), because she stubbornly refuses to ever ask for help. She'll accept it if it's offered in just the right way, but she's very touchy about it. It's better not to bother offering and just do it, giving her no chance to protest. If someone asks, she'll just say no by reflex. It's compensation, in some ways, for her fragile looks; somewhere along the line, she got fed up with people assuming she needed to be coddled, and it's sent her in the opposite direction. She can do everything by herself, thank you, so mind your own business and leave her alone.

...but not totally alone, please. Allia needs companionship of some kind, though you'll never get her to admit it. This means she isn't likely to approach anyone, but is happy to be approached, although she isn't immediately chatty. She often appears flighty as well, because she's constantly looking around; even if she's listening intently to someone, her eyes usually wander to whatever else is going on. She's a keen observer, especially in this strange new place, and she doesn't want to miss anything. This leads to a certain amount of quiet nosiness, as she tries to watch and listen to people in a discreet way. Anything she learns, however, she keeps to herself. It's purely for her own benefit and understanding, not for the sake of finding gossip to spread.

Her voice and manner are quiet and gentle, and though she doesn't like to be helped, she doesn't mind helping someone else. Keeping in mind her own feelings on the matter, however, she doesn't make a fuss of it, and just helps and moves on. She doesn't need or especially want to be thanked, and is more likely to slip away after giving her assistance than stick around wanting praise or credit. Allia doesn't like excessive amounts of attention or being in the spotlight at all; she'd rather observe than be observed. She has an excellent memory for names and faces, and recalls the people - and animals, from runnerbeasts to flits to dragons - she's met with ease.

Positive Trait List reserves judgement, willing and ready to help, self-sufficient
Negative Trait List easily overwhelmed, slow to make up her mind, pushes away help

Up until she was Searched, Allia had never left the cothold she was born in. The third child in a string of six (five of them daughters), she had no great aspirations in life, but when she happened to be Searched to Monaco Weyr for an unexpected clutch, she was happy to go along with the bluerider and see what happened. It was just as exciting as it was overwhelming, coming from such a small and unremarkable life as hers.

Chores have always been performed dutifully, whatever they are. She was most comfortable in the kitchen, since it was a relatively familiar place with relatively familiar tasks (just a lot bigger and busier!). Very physical labor, like heavy lifting, was difficult for her, as she hadn't developed the muscles for it. She was willing to try, though, if the situation demanded it. When she wasn't not doing chores, attending lessons, or trying to get into a little better shape, she was a people-watcher. She wanted to understand the Weyr and the people in it, and she felt that observation is the best way to do that, and to eventually find a way to fit in, even if only for the month that she was there.

The day of the Hatching arrived at last, and she eagerly watched ever dragonet that spilled out onto the Sands. Green, blue, brown, she longed after each and every one, so many that she lost count, no small number of themd rawing blood or ichor. It was one that she hadn't taken much notice of, though, that eventually noticed her: a dark fellow who had broken his shell early on, but was content to stay curled up within it, and remained so until a more boisterous sibling knocked into him. Rather than snap at the offending hatchling, he simply heaved a sigh and dusted himself off, and trailed his way across the Sands with heavy limbs to the girls. He waited for them to part, head low and blue eyes half-lidded, tail snaking patterns in the sand on his way to His.

Come with your Somnuth, Allia, and let us go from here. I have seen enough for one night, and most of it I have not liked.

Their training had significant gaps in it, and they were officially declared graduated before all the dragons were even fully grown, old enough to fend for themselves and get out of the way. Allia and her blue drifted their way to a small, fairly conservative Weyrhold that seemed inviting enough, where Somnuth could finish growing and they could learn a little more, and over their next turn they slowly settled in.

Not all would be well, though, as just as she was beginning to find her way, however, a dispute with another, more aggressive (but also progressive) group who wanted the Weyrhold's territory broke out, and within a few sevendays it descended into fighting. Confused by what was happening, unsure of what side to choose, and afraid, Allia and Somnuth fled. They drifted aimlessly for another turn, never staying anywhere long, before they settled at Western Weyr, just in time for Thread to return. The first time they flew, they took a bad hit that left them both with significant scars. Allia lost her right eye and no longer has full range of movement in her right arm, but after a months-long recovery can still fly and fight.

Other: I can adjust timeline and ages depending on what works for potentially fitting them in at Monaco - or elsewhere, of somewhere else is better.

Name: Somnuth
Age: 6
Color: Blue
Size: 32'
Physical Description: Large for his color, but lean, Somnuth has especially large wings and a particularly long tail.

Peace given form as a dragon, Somnuth is defined by an aura of calm that never leaves him. Thread might fall, war might rage, but grace, patience, and confidence will carry him through it all. Not confidence in himself, but confidence that what will be will be, a faith in fate and a willingness to accept whatever it brings, even if what it brings is his death. Though he is in no rush to see his end, and would not give up his life without a fight, he understands that everyone must die, and does not fear that eventuality, nor fret about whether it will come sooner or later; he would certainly prefer that it be later, but it does not trouble him. There is little at all that appears to trouble this dragon, who can endure jest and insult and threat to himself, who will never complain of discomfort or trivial things. They are not worth his time, not in an age where strife has taken such a toll.

While he possesses all the agility his color is known for, his grace aided by a lean and pleasing build, he is far more notable for his ability to be still. Not awkwardly frozen in place, not poised and waiting, but still in mind as much as in body, just being. This is the state he likes best, without need or want for thought, just being in a moment while it unfolds. He is not always a passive observer, however, and enjoys taking an active role in endeavors that mean something to him. He will fight Thread to his last breath, but is less ready to fight in battle; nothing less than a cause that he believes in wholeheartedly will move him to trade blows. For Somnuth, while he was grateful for the home given to them by the Weyrhold, the place was not dear to his heart, and not worth fighting for...but neither was the more progressive faction who forcefully took over. The tactics and unabashed violence of the incoming faction disturbed him deeply, but so too did the idea of the more traditional system, where color and not worth determined one's fate. Somnuth believes that everyone deserves the chance to live their own life, to dream and flourish, and ever since arriving at Western, he is finding real contentment at last.

He is as quiet as he is calm, soft-spoken and a bit hesitant at times to bespeak any human who is not His. He is polite and gracious in all his dealings with others, and tries to be attentive to them, as he does value their opinions and needs, but he is prone to drifting thoughts. Sometimes he will realize on his own that he's drifted, other times someone may need to draw his attention back, but he will always apologize for slipping, and ask that whatever he missed be repeated. This tendency is no indication of boredom or disrespect, simply the product of a wandering mind. Though he spends considerable time on reflection and idle thought, it doesn't usually take him long to arrive at conclusions and make decisions. He knows himself very well, and he knows what feels right, and he will always follow where his heart leads him.

He was attracted to Allia for her quiet, observant nature, appreciating her ability to withold judgement and empathizing with her need to understand. He sensed that she was overwhelmed and sorely in need of some peace in her life, and would benefit from his calming influence. And when she overthinks and takes too long to reach a decision, he can give her a nudge in the direction her heart lies.

Original inspiration was The House of Sleep from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

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