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I'm Cleaning Out My Closet!

When Darth Scabrous created me in his lab, he broke the mold! Well, some of it grew back, but I digest, or whatever. Muah hurr hurr! Well, when I got involved in some shenanigans during the Sith's diabolical scheme to add a nasty love potion to the Jedi's water supply, Darth Scabrous decided it would be best to give me the ol' heave ho before Lord Daddicus could find his latest creation, me, hiding out in Scabrous' lab. Aw well! So goes family life, huh? We all have our abandonment issues. But I like it here! When you go around looking like ol' Daddipoo, people scurry outta your way in a big hurry! But I undress, or whatever. The point is, I ain't got no place to stay in here! Everybody else has got offices and labs and apartments.....I have nothing but the floor. Well, I did hang out with Scoobadoobacus and Boba Pett one night, but they kicked me out because I gave them fleas. But I divest, or whatever. Anyway, I finally found a place! There's this door that said, "Darth Daddicus' secret prize Stash" over the top of it, and the place is humongous! Well, it will be, you know, once I get rid of all this useless crap in here! Come over and get some of this! I may keep a piece or two for myself, but as long as it's taking up space in here, I am homeless!

Let's go over the plan. You get only one turn a day. Roll one 100 sided dice. Check the list. You edit your post to say what item you got, and it's yours! Simple.

Keep checking this post while I get ready to chuck this stuff out!

2: Thirsty Spooky Shounen
3: Meracle Swimmer
5: The Ringmaster
7: Piani-ture
8: [KINDRED] Miasmal Chiclex
9: L'alchimiste de Flamme
10: Glimpse
11: Gaia-tan
13: Baby Don't Give A
14: Lucky Kate
16: Neapolitan Pandalita
17: Cafe Miam 2nd Gen
18: PB&J Social
19: Misty Chill Child
20: Blue Sorcerer's Book
21: Fedir's Advance
22: Archangel's Blade
23: Crystal Flower
26: Diabolos' Annihilation
30: SDPlus #164 The Overseer
32: Kudzu the Kitsune
33: Cyan Magic Ink
37: Divine Arms
39: Woe Arms
42: The Mad Hatter
44: Offering Arms
45: In Waiting Arms
46: Competitive Starguy
47: Apocalypse Then
50: Madame Villain
51: THE Passive Bride
52: Crafty n' Sly
54: Astrologer's Creamy Path
55: Platinum Prince
56: A Mother's Love
57: Sweet Candy Children
60: ExSTARterrestrial Legs
61: These Sooty Locks
62: Honey Vendor of Things
63: Elama the Phoenix
64: Lupus the Lonely Outcast
66: Flock of Cruor
67: Her Sherbert Delight
68: The Loony Hatter
69: Childish No Guts No Gory
70: Decisively Don't Give A
72: Seven Crimson Kisses
73: Little Lemon Lime
75: Constricting Jaeger's Chains
76: Ursa Regis
77: Bright Faerie Captive
79: The Fool's Hatter
80: Fiery Amphibious Ember
83: Bewere of Stagony Wolf
85: Weatherbabies
86: Lila's Irreverent Updo
87: Velvetine Deity Of Ossidian
88: A Mother's Touch
90: CMYK Poisonous Pony
92: Venomous Solar Mage
95: Hoppiest Place on Earth
97: Slushy Bunma
98: La Belle Rouge
99: Beyond Magenta

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