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Axton Evajea
Vice Captain

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:19 am

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Welcome to Smuggler's Run, a game of weight that could make you a fat winner!

1.) Do not delete posts!
2.) Keep a running tally of what your weight is. I'll check it against my total!
3.) You can only roll a total of 3 dice each day!

How this works:

Roll 3 20-sided dice. Each number you get will mean something different. If you roll a number and have to subtract, it is possible to have negative weight! You have to work back to positive numbers!

Refer to the chart in the next post for what weight you will add/subtract to/from your total. At the end of the month, the person with the most weight will receive a
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Jabba the Hutt says:

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Koose je bata du grancha moulee rah, mo mi wamma murishani grancha moulee che do yuna!

Which means "Bring me a large payment or I'll give a large payment for your body!" Which is either a threat or a pick-up line. It's hard to tell with these Hutts.

Member Current Weight Total

ozkur = 21.5
66Fred = -.5
Queentintin =
Yamka Jaden =
Esme Marie Cullen =

How about your name here? Start playing today!

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Scored to 1468  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:19 am
Weight Chart

If you generated a...1: Imperial boarding party: (Drop your cargo to avoid any Imperial entanglements.) Lose 5 tons.

If you generated a...2: Successful Kessel Run: (Way to run that spice!) Gain 8 tons.

If you generated a...3: Outer Rim planet: (Not much to gain from a planet so far from the core) Gain .5 tons

If you generated a...4: Local Planetary Governor Bribe: (What a sellout Imperial scum!) Lose 2 tons.

If you generated a...5: Scavenge abandoned ship: (Now who leaves a ship out in the middle of nowhere?) Gain 2 tons.

If you generated a...6: Hyperdrive malfunction: (I thought you fixed this?!) Gain 0 tons

If you generated a...7: Conscionable starving planet charitable donation: (I couldn't just leave them like that!) Lose 3 tons.

If you generated a...8: Free a Wookiee slave: (Now my cockpit seems 3 times smaller!) Gain 1 ton.

If you generated a...9: Counterfeit contraband: (Those lousy cheats!) Lose 4 tons.

If you generated a...10: Escape Imperial blockade: (Run run run, and don't look back!) Gain 1 tons.

If you generated a...11: Perishable Cargo begins to mold (We'll just scrape the edges off, it'll be fine): Lose .5 tons

If you generated a...12: Stopover at Mos Eisley Cantina pay for drinks with favor of transporting owner's contraband: (*hic* I don't care what species that is! I'd settle for the company of a Hutt! *hic*) Gain 1 tons

If you generated a...13: Transport contraband for planetary royalty: (You get a cut for keeping it hush-hush) Gain 3 tons.

If you generated a...14: Running from bounty hunters: (The price on my head is higher than the price for my cargo!) Gain 1 tons.

If you generated a...15: Have a drinking party with a bunch of Jawas: (boy, those little fellers can sure put it away!) Lose 1 ton.

If you generated a...16: Find abandoned cargo from unfortunate fellow smuggler who was captured by a bounty hunter: (Hey, finders, keepers, right?) Gain 4 tons

If you generated a...17: Fall madly in love with local planetary royalty: (What is it about these high maintenance ones that gets me going?) Gain 1 tons.

If you generated a...18: Forced to relinquish cargo to Jabba the Hutt for so-called "interest" on debts owed to the Hutt cartel: (Well, at least this'll keep the bounty hunters off of me for a while!) Lose 8 tons.

If you generated a...19: Find some old man with a kid and two droids who promise to pay you well for transportation and end up taking an extended vacation from your smuggling occupation for an indefinite period of time: (Just this one little ride to Alderaan and that's it, right?) Gain 3 tons

If you generated a...20: Discover new, uncharted planet in outer rim with plentiful resources: (Um, take me to your leader?) Gain 5 tons.  

Axton Evajea
Vice Captain

Temple Training Center (monthly games)

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