Hi im new here C: i joined because i saw my friend joined then i read what this guild was about :3 i love gaia but i never have enough money for gaia cash to sell the items i buy for quick gold :C so i tend to play ZOMG.. but recently my ZOMG has been lagging out so bad that it is near impossible to play and get gold. So i have to beg for money :C and i hate to do that so i tend to go broke :C i am questing for 1 dream avi of all the ones on my profile and it would have to be the 3rd on on my profile. i have a few of the items but its hard to get the big ticket items on my 0-1000 gold income a day (it depends on my activity of the site and if i hit the daily chance or not) and i hate waiting months to get even to 1mil which i have yet to hit :C i just had an opertunity today to get money from a peron who is quitting and im negotiating for 5 mil (if she is willing if not i will be sad :C) she has 40mil shes giving away her name is ii-keianna for those needing gold as well :3. anyway i'd like to just say hi to all the people in here C: and i am glad im not the only one who has this problem :C i don't wanna feel alone D: