...Something Stirs

The earthquake that had rocked Bande cracked open the bottom of the lakebed. Within a matter of hours, the lake was all but drained, revealing the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient temple of indeterminate age.

At least, that is the story that has found its way into the newspapers. Any attempts to approach the ruins are met by armed guards wearing the colors of the city of Bande and gruff warnings to turn away from the path between the lake and the city. A keen eye might detect a hint of superstitious anxiety in the demeanor of the men watching the dusty perimeter of the restricted area.

The gritty black and white photograph printed beneath a smaller headline reveals a deep crevice in the earth, what looks like the topmost portion of a series of slender columns rises just above the mouth of the precipice. The minute form of what must be a researcher gazes into the darkness, seemingly unaware of or indifferent to the camera behind them.


Above the fold, glittering even on the dull matte of the newspaper is printed a photograph of the Aurentine ambassador, laughing merrily with his beautiful young wife, each fairly encrusted with jewels. The headline above them announces the lavish masquerade ball held by the Aurentine embassy every year in celebration of Parentalia, the Aurentine festival of the ancestors.

In spite of the knowledge that only the cream of Bande society will be allowed to attend, for a few days the grounds of the Aurentine Embassy transform into a fairground. Merchants from the edges of Havyn and beyond flock to the capital, bringing with them an air of the exotic, their wares from around the world fascinating even the most cosmopolitan of Bande's citizens.

Of course, it's not just the merchants who make this a festival: thousands of the denizens of Bande gather at the embassy, bringing with them the food, music, and traditions of their various cultures.

Each year promises a wealth of new experiences, and it seems unlikely that this will prove an exception...


This is the official beginning of Moon Revenge's Halloween meta!

Though moderated posts for the major meta events won't begin for a few days, feel free to start regular, open, and solo RPs with your characters!

For those without won characters: fear not! Moon Revenge staff has decided that for the course of this meta, each player will be allowed to play one unwon quest character!


There are a few rules for playing an unwon character however.

yum_onigiri You may only play one unwon character. If you own a character you may play all characters you own and one unwon character.

yum_onigiri Please don't try to switch quest characters after the meta has begun.

yum_onigiri You may only play your unwon character in their civilian form. As they would have not been awakened, you may not play them as a knight or senshi.

yum_onigiri Unfortunately, guardian characters are not eligible to be played before they are won as in order to be sentient they must be awakened.

yum_onigiri The characters must have a quest thread! It doesn't have to be completely fleshed out, but you have to give us an idea of who we're going to be dealing with!

yum_onigiri Please PM Oziandra with a link to the quest thread for the character in question. Wait for a response approving their entry into the meta then feel free to drop them in!

yum_onigiri Finally, and most importantly, have fun with it!