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Porcelain Pinch

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:45 pm
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    Entrant razz orcelain Pinch
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:54 pm
Birds of a Feather
    Entrant: Teigra
    Name: Proud Feather
    Rank: Protector
    Personality: Once a rather proud and arrogant wolf, the Great Waste came as a serious reality check to the flighty wolf. She once reveled in attention and flaunted her colors in search for more praise. These days, she is quieter, kinder. Her previous drives have been shown to be frivolous and when it came down to it, gained her nothing when the chips were down.
    How has the Great Waste impacted her?: She once preoccupied her life with the pointless pursuit of attention and praise from her fellow pack members. Her colors were the most pleasing, her fur so sleek, accentuating her form.

    And none of that made a difference when the Great Waste came.

    She lost her mother, her father, her brother, and many, many of her packmates. She no longer enjoyed the attentions of others, because there were far more important things to worry about than pretty colors in one's coat. The remaining wolves bonded together in their common efforts to survive and support one another and Feather was left alone in more ways than one. It put her silly thoughts from youth into perspective and a much more sober individual emerged from the wreckage of the Great Waste.

    Feather still desired acceptance and companionship from her fellow packmates, but she shifted her efforts into contributing more to the group. After losing so many to an outside force they had no power over, a fire was lit within her to protect those who remained from whatever threat may come again. She took up a role as a Protector, spending her days checking on those she once begged for attention, ensuring their needs are met and that they are safe due to her efforts.

Flock Together
    Entrant: Teigra
    Name: Grey Feather
    Rank: Hunter
    Name Origin: Named for her lovely palette and subtle markings
    Future Plans?: Learning to Live Again - Following the Great Waste, Grey Feather retreated into herself, becoming a very quiet, withdrawn individual. The loss of so many of the pack shook her and in response, she distanced herself from others to distance herself from the pain. She is slowly beginning to recover as the pack does, learning to emerge from her shell and learning to enjoy life again.
    My Brethren - I'd like to explore this character growth first with her fellow Hunters, making friends and connections that may have been long silent.
    Perhaps Even...Love? - Up in the air for now, but if the right wolf comes along, maybe Grey Feather will even learn to open her heart to love and perhaps creating a family of her own within the pack

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    Entrant: Teigra
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 3:48 pm
Taking Point
    Entrant: Lady Mirage
    Name: Black Walnut
    Personality: He's very sly, and likes anything that gives him more power, he was a healer previously, and best known for his poisons. He will help those in need but always requires a favor in the end.
    How did he become the pack's Elder?: He did this through manipulation, basically, and while he is wise and good at helping the alpha make decent decisions that advance the whole of the pack (not just himself), he's also a good poisoner to have around should things go south and a quiet end is needed to chaos.

(Apologies for that being so short, didn't have much time to get it in once inspiration struck...lol! CURSE THE LATE MUSE!) xD

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    Entrant: Lunar Mirage
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:21 pm
The thread is now closed to new entries! Ruler and I will post the winners of the event here sometime this week. Good luck all and thank you for participating!

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:10 am

1. Chisato Mikami
2. Chisato Mikami
3. Silent~Wolf~Demon
4. Silent~Wolf~Demon
5. Nymphiea
6. Henry_kunz
7. Henry_kunz
8. Porcelain Pinch
9. Lunar Mirage
PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:16 am
Thank you, everyone, for your entries! Please, winners, remember to post your new wolf for certing and for joining in the pack I/T. We are thrilled to welcome the following new members of our pack...


Dusk Owl!
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Proud Feather!
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Mourning Dove!
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Unnamed raffle beauty!
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