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Archer's Journal

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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 8:27 am
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Archer's Journal
The only person authorized to post here is ~Creea_Silver_Angel~
PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 6:15 pm
~I Ain't Lost no more...~


Name: Archer Damien Antsu

Stage: Child

Dislikes: Rain.

Loves: His Mommy, Creea

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Spectacular Kitten

Bouquet of Diamonds

Spectacular Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 6:50 pm
~I Ain't Lost no more~


~Archer's Point of wiew~

Out In The Cold....She Left me...Out In The Rain....She Left Me....She Didn't Come Back...She Left me....My Very Own Mother....She Left Me....Do Die In The Cold....She Left Me...To Live On My Own.....She Left Me....I Sat Alone on a hard, cold sidewalk....Begging for food....or at least...some attention....maybe a few words?....Maybe a hug?....maybe a little love from someone.....But No.....No One Cared for a child with....Spiecal Heat Powers....That's why my mama left me....She Hated Me...Dispised me....She Said She Loved Me....But She Had a secret plan to get rid of me....She said we were going shopping....but she really drove to the next town over...and left me there....So, That's how i ended up here.....all alone.....no one to hold me.....all....alone...

~Creea's Point Of View~

Here i am, On My Bike....In The Rain....Drenched.....Woohoo....Oh Well, At Least I'm Almost home....I'm peadiling like a maniac.....Trying to get out of the rain....So cold....so windy....so- Oh My Gosh! There's a kid in the middle of the street! I Quickly get off my bike and run twaords him..."What are you doing out here!?" I say to the little boy just sitting there....I Scoop him into my arms...."O.k....Your Not Talking! Are you hurt?!" I Say Panicked. He Looks At Me....He Shakes his head no...Then He Hugs Me Crying....Then I Realize....He's Been Abandoned...I Could Sense it.....He Was As Hot as soup! This Child Wasn't ordinary...he was....Spiecal....And I Knew this was meant to happen....

~Archer's Point of view~

She Looked at me with loving eyes as i sobbed on her shoulder....I Wondered who she was....and why she was here....I Tried talking...but all that came out was..."Mama...." and more sobbing....But Strangely...through the sadness....i felt....content with her around me....She Seemed so kind....and she also realized i was not an ordinary child.....i could see it in her eyes....she knew i was different....buit she still stayed by me till i stopped crying....

~Creea's Point of view~

When He Finally stopped crying i asked him his name "What's your name little guy?" He Looked at me with these big teary eyes and i softly heard him say....archer.... "What A Nice Name" I Say Kindly...."My Name's Creea" I Say...."Would You Like To Come Home With Me?" I say smiling.

~Archer's point of view~

"R-really??" I Ask....She Nodded Her head and smiled sitting on her bike with me in her lap and started peadiling twoards her house. I'm smiling the widest smile i've ever smiled in my life. the skies cleared up so it was a nice ride home. i feel so happy....and now i know....someone out there...really does love me....no matter what....
PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:14 am
~About Mommy dear~

Name: Creea Tanya Antsu.*
Age: 13
Roles In House hold: Caretaker of 13
kids one 1 year old *Archer.*, one 2 year old *Calena*, six 4 year olds *Jessica, Casey, Rachel, Kieran, Darren, and Cami* Two 6 year olds *Rin and Daniel*, one 8 year old *Dustin.* and finally, two 10 year olds *Andrew and Mia.*, She's the cook, Cleaner, and Mother of all the children.

~Real Name and Real DOB Witheld for privacy~

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Spectacular Kitten

Bouquet of Diamonds

Spectacular Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:44 am

The 2 Year old!
Calena: This Bouncy little 2 year old is always full of energy! keeping an eye on her is like chasing a race car! She Loves Little Archer and plays with him all the time. it's like they knew each other before they met!

The Quadruplets!

Jessica: She has a sweet personality, when she wants it to be ^^" Tentitive about archer.

Casey: He Thinks he's a super hero...^^"""" Loves Baby archer!

Rachel: She's the sweetie of the bunch, loves anything pink, Is Shy Around archer but loves him very much ^^

Kieran: and here we have adorable little kieran, he's always reading books and "Studying" For a "Preschool Degree" as he says it ^^ Loves Little Archer and is sort of like a teacher for him.

The Two Other Four Year olds.

Cami: Loves Pretty much anything ^^" Has Been Bitten By Dogs 3 times for petting them without permisson....Think she'd learn....She's always around her big brother rin who's 6, protective of archer ^^

Darren: The Second Youngest out of four Siblings *Calena, Darren, Daniel, Dustin* He Doesn't talk very much....Loves getting hugs...Doesn't really interact with archer though.

The Six Year olds!!

Rin: Big Brother Of Cami, Always seen with either Cami Or Daniel, Has A Fatherly Personality twoards his sister...and is always telling her he loves her. Baby archer is like his son ^^""" Their Almost incepreable.

Daniel: Doesn't Really Talk...Mostly Because he has like permanent larengitus....poor thing was born with it....But He Always Smiles ^^ he hugs baby archer all the time when he cries ^^

The 8 Year old!

Dustin: The Eldest of the four siblings, Loves his little brothers and sister. Baby Archer Confuses him because he sometimes talks in babbles...Loves him anyway though ^^

And Finally! The 10 year olds!

Andrew: He was Abandoned by his parents because of his krystal blue eyes and firey read hair.....Creea found him begging for food when he was 9....Absolutely loves baby archer....He teaches him minor things while kieran takes the harder stuff to teach ^^"

Mia: Mia Has A Weird Personality....One Second She's happy...the next...she's sad...I Think it may be bipolar....we may never know....Is Like a mother to archer when i'm not around.
PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 7:57 am
Log 1:
Well, the first couple of days went smoothly....then Archer melted a few of my books and a lamp....but he's still cute....and i wuv him ^^ Hey! don't touch that! sorry...he was about to melt the curtains....o.k...i'll update more late....I SAID NO TOUCHIN DAT!!!

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Spectacular Kitten

Bouquet of Diamonds

Spectacular Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:52 pm
Log 2:"Hello....my name is keiran.....i am writing here in this journal today because neither archer or my mother could bring themselves to." ~Looks at archer crying~ "Our little Calena....our poor little Calena....she died....the poor dear...so sick....so tiny......she really needed to leave the world...after her father left she was very sick....sicker and sick she got....till this very day she.....passed on.....she is survived by her 12 siblings...including me and Archer...and my mother Creea...." ~Walks away sadly~

"Never say never archer-san! Neva Eva! Say Never!" - The words of Calena Rose Antsu. ~RIP~  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:00 pm
Log 3: Well, liofe's finally back to normal. Archer's feelings are stable, but some other drakes are in this shadowdome thing and are getting seriously hurt. It's Making Archer want to help so bad, But i will not let him not after Calena's death. Never will he enter this tournament. Never, Even if his little girlfriend that Kieran told me about enters it. Never ever.  

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Spectacular Kitten

Bouquet of Diamonds

Spectacular Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 3:44 pm
Log 4: (Or better called, Archer's discovery)
I've finally found my mother's journal. Yes, this is me...Archer...
I over heard about what happened at this so called...Shadowdome run by this jerk Dassan...My mother has kept it all a secret for sometime. As much as i know it will pain my mother...as much it will hurt....I will stand up to Dassan and Give him a taste of what he has done to my Friends! He has killed, Hurt, and scarred many families! I will let him do it no more! I'm off to find this "Death dragon". (He drops the book and runs off)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 7:25 am
Log 5 *Creea*:
Dear Journal,
I have banned Archer from going outside either the drake house or his home without my knowing....See, i have punished him...for he wrote in my journal...and disobeyed me....i know i shouldn't be too harsh on him...it's is his first mistake....but i'm just afraid for his safety....He has to learn one way or another....So if he wants to go ANYWHERE he has to ask me....If i say no...No means No....And if he tries to run out without my permission again....he's grounded for 1 month....Which means, No friends, tv, or video games....*Puts book and pen down and walks off.*

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Spectacular Kitten

Bouquet of Diamonds

Spectacular Kitten

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 3:56 pm
Log 6:
Creea is dead...
I have to take care of my 7 siblings, 1 child and 6 babies...
I have been told I am a bad example by some creep...He can burn in hell..
I was brought up this way! I've seen too much pain....
I just hope I never meet the guy my mom kept me from trying to fight...
He probably burnt in hell...
Meh...I got to go...
PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:17 pm
HELLO! Since the shop has been terminated I can write as if it's my own journal!

Archer waz mah beby! Akena waz neva born!
The bebies waz brain farts!
I will never let this go....
Fairthee well...
and the possible hundreds of drakes and hard work that has gone to waste.

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Spectacular Kitten

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