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Obsessive Hunter

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:28 am
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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ρ є r ѕ σ η α ℓ • ∂ α т α|├▬
Full Name: Setsuka "Fenrir" Koroyami
Nickname: Set, Koro, Fen, Echo, Bandit
Age: 15
Birthdate: The eleventh of November
Gender: Male

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145 lbs.

Nindo: "Never steal from those weaker than you. Never steal from anyone poorer than you. Never steal from someone who is crying. Steal people's things, not their dignity."
Personality: A thief with honor, values, who doesn't steal more than he needs, and will not take an innocent life for the sake of ryo. He doesn't steal from the rich and give to the door, he does what he needs in order to survive. He's not an overwhelming personality, but perhaps his...lack of one speaks in volumes. Setsuka doesn't react to things like most people, at least not on the surface. Rather than a calm demeanor, it simply seems to represent nonchalance, to the point where even a slight change in his facial expression becomes largely noticeable. He's typically short-spoken, only approving of lengthy conversation when he feels like his words will make an actual impact. This would likely all paint the picture of an uninterested, eternally bored thief...but that just isn't the case. Setsuka likes the large things in life that he can't have. The loud entertainment, delicious foods, that extravagant lifestyle made complete with friends. It's so far out of his reach that he's basically given up on it. Still, those moments of childish fascination shine through noticeably when he gets just the glimpse of the finer things in life, like just maybe his fingertips could graze the surface...that would be enough for him.

Village: Takumi [Wanderer]
Title: Genin
Rank: D-Rank
First Class: Bukijutsu
____DisciplineMystic Hero
Second Class: Tamer
____DisciplineEternal Partners

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ρ є т • ∂ α т α|├▬

Full Name: Hyōnoarashi
Nickname: Arashi, Hyō, Flicker
Species: Wolf of exotic breed (half of body is black as void, with gold eyes that peer through that lack of light)
Age: One Year (breed ages slow, body not at adulthood)
Gender: Male
Height: 1'6"
Weight: 85 lbs.

Chakra Pool: 290
Stamina Pool: 270
Chakra Element: Fire, Doton
Chakra Color: Void black, with tinges of purple.
Chakra Materialization: A menacing miasma, where if one draws into it they can feel a sense of dread, along with their movements being hindered as if they're waddling through tar, though this is only to the weak-willed who succumb to the sight of it.

• Enhances senses.
• Body blends well in dark areas.
• Ages slowly up till a certain point, resulting in an underdeveloped body despite being a year old.

• The light. Interesting enough, this wolf only tends to appear in dimly lit or completely dark areas.
• Being left alone/abandoned

Limitations: {How many of each technique it can learn. Refer to class info}
• Ninjutsu : : 00 // 16

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c σ м в α т • ∂ α т α|├▬
Bloodline: Kūton [ Void Release ]

Chakra Pool: 290 [Classes = 250 + 40 from Bloodline]
Stamina Pool: 270 [Classes = 250 + 20 from Bloodline]
Chakra Element: Raiton l Fuuton l Suiton
Chakra Color: Black as the void, a result of his bloodline.
Chakra Materialization: Like chains leaving his form, extending around the battlefield. The more chakra he disperses, the more dreadful it seems, to the point where it makes the sounds of chains and seems to wrap around people, though this does nothing but instill a sense of terror in enemies already scared of him.

Passive Status Increases:
• Strength ► 0

• Speed ► 0

• Reflex ► 0

• Fortitude ► 0

• Excellent Thief. His bloodline, lithe frame, and partner in crime make him capable in both highway banditry and stealthy burglary.
• Versatility. With three elements under his belt along with a proficiency in physical combat, he can handle himself well.
• A thousand cuts. While speed and reflexes are what he strives to excel in, his strength and fortitude are lacking. It may be easy for him to strike someone, but without precise strikes he has a higher chance to falter.
• Lawful. As a thief, Setsuka upholds a strict code. This, coupled with the fact that he can lose much of his strength by attacking while fueled by vengeance, limits his options of initiation.
• Starving/Being dehydrated to death.
• Being caught/arrested

• Learn Taijutsu one [1] post faster.
• Learn Bukijutsu techniques one [1] post faster.
• All Kūton users learn Raiton [ Lightning ] and Fuuton [ Wind ] Jutsu one [ 1 ] post faster.
Personal Attributes:
• +1 Element (Suiton)
• +1 Bukijutsu Style
• Animal Trait: When in dark areas/nightfall, Setsuka's eyes gain an abundance of grayscale receptors while his color receptors decrease in the retina, increasing his low-light vision.

Bloodline Traits:
• All Kūton users are capable of performing techniques with a single hand.
• Kūton techniques give off a very faint glow that makes them slightly visible in darkness.
• All Kūton techniques may be retrained once to allow their deliberate misuse, inverting the effects of the techniques. Techniques so inverted that result in a net gain of Chakra in the area affected also cause debilitating physical pain on par with breaking a major bone to all involved.
• Empty Flask: All members of the Saimoto clan gain [ 40 ] Chakra and [ 20 ] Stamina.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c α r є є r • ∂ α т α|├▬
Ryo: 両0
AC: 0

Missions Complete:
D Rank :: 0
C Rank :: 0
B Rank :: 0
A Rank :: 0
S Rank :: 0

Crafting Trees
• {First Tree Here} || →
• {Second Tree Here} || →
• {Third Tree Here} || →
• {Fourth Tree Here} || →

Crafting Jobs Complete:
D Rank :: 0 {All start at zero}
C Rank :: 0
B Rank :: 0
A Rank :: 0
S Rank :: 0

Job Titles
• {Job} || → {Current Title}
• {Job} || → {Current Title}

Job Missions Complete:
D Rank :: 0
C Rank :: 0
B Rank :: 0
A Rank :: 0
S Rank :: 0

Limitations: {How many of each technique you can learn. Refer to class info}
• Ninjutsu : : 00 / 16
• Genjutsu : : 00 / 00
• Taijutsu Styles: : 00 / 01
• Bukijutsu Styles: : 00 / 02

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ω є α ρ σ η • ∂ α т α|├▬
Weapon Type: Knife
Weapon Range: 9" blade length, 5 1/8" handle, totaled out to 14 1/8"
Weapon Weight: 12.4 oz (0.775 pounds)
Weapon Size: 4.7 mm in thickness, clip point and deep, wide blade bevels. Think a "fatter" bowie knife with a jagged back end.
Weapon Location: Lower back/horizontal in a leather sheathe.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ι η ν є η т σ r у|├▬
• 14x Kunai
• 1x Senbon
• Black zip-down hoodie
• Light grey sweatpants
• Socks/Combat boots in black.
• Black shirt w/cowl able to be worn like lower face mask.
• Empty flask
• Water canteen
• Dog brush

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|т є c н η ι q υ є ѕ|├▬
▬▬┤|N i n j u t s u

Maruton: {Start with the following six only unless otherwise specified.}
• Henge no Jutsu [ Transformation Technique ]
• Kawarimi no Jutsu [ Substitution Technique ]
• Bushin no Jutsu [ Clone Technique ]
• Suimen Hokou no Waza [ Act of Water Surface Walking ]
• Kinobori no Waza [ Act of Tree Climbing ]
• Kai [ Release ]





▬▬┤|G e n j u t s u


▬▬┤|T a i j u t s u

Western Burning Fist

▬▬┤|B u k i j u t s u

Sobagai Deba Sentou

Juurai Toorima

▬▬┤|F o r m l e s s S t y l e s

Current Slots Available → 00 // 02
Locked Formless

Slots Used
• _______ → || [X]

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|н ι ѕ т σ r у|├▬ "I'm sorry, Kahlua-chan...I don't think I can escape this one."

Setsuka was born outside the Land of Tea, in the slums of a failing city. He doesn't remember his parents, so he always just assumed he never had any. In fact his earliest memory was walking into a place that smelled of foreign spice, while a burly man asked him to write his name.

"I can't."

"Why not? You got a name yeah? What, you don't know how to write?"

The young boy in rags didn't say a word, just shook his head with that nonchalant gaze of his, though something about the strange place lit his amber hues with wonder.

"I can't write...and I don't have a name."

The series of event that occurred next are still a blur in his mind. He can faintly remember a few people doting over him like he was some sort of fresh new toy, and given a place to sleep that night. It was quite a welcome, considering the nature of that place, and the shady pasts of the people within. The next day, he was given a first name. Setsuka. Snow Flower. A bit feminine, one he imagined the girls decided on, but it was his own and he adored it for that reason. A week later, he was given the name "dark time" or rather "night time", Koroyami. He had friends, who taught him how to read, write, and to exercise a skill that would become paramount throughout his adolescent life.


As he grew up, he had more and more of a knack for stealing things from others. He was basically bred for it, given the name "Echo" for his skill of manipulating sounds while in low-light environments to distract people and create opportunity. His partner for most of these events was a cherry-haired girl by the name of Kahlua, someone he grew attached to. It was through protecting her on one night that he ended up being captured for the first time. It wasn't by city guard, just some thugs who didn't know what to do with a kid. They were primarily animal smugglers, and the job was to take a rare dog canine breed from them. When they were placed beside one another in cages, it was like an instantaneous connection. As if they were to be intertwined from the start. Through the efforts of the both of them together, they made a clean escape. While the initial intention was to sell the young canine to the client who asked for its retrieval, a unanimous decision was made to let Setsuka keep it.

Several months passed after that night before Set's life changed. It was a difficult job, one that involved taking back an actual person who had been kidnapped by a shady organization. It was clean until the lights were turned on, and Set realized that their client set them up. While the boy had never been good at fighting, he defended his partner just long enough to secure her escape, before he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was on a boat to Sasagi City in Gimangakure, with the pup hidden on his person joining him. It wasn't the traditional sort of slavery. No, they actually forced him to train, making him learn how to protect himself. He didn't know everything about them, just enough to be aware that it was impossible for him to escape alone. He'd be dead by the time he hit the city limits. His life became simple from then on out. Setsuka would steal for them, and they'd give him food. Water. Not enough to last, but enough that he wouldn't start. He could keep a cut for himself, but that typically was just enough to feed his pet and make sure he was healthy.

That leads us to now, the story of Fenrir the Highwayman, his "nickname." To be honest, he greatly preferred Echo.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:29 am
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~ I feel like laughing- a metempsychosis like this where you can suddenly bubble up and softly disappear. If you want to be loved, say it out loud. Just thinking about it won't convey it. Even the eternal maiden looks away, and heaven moves further away from us.

It was getting hard to move. Hard to breathe even. The light dimmed out from the young thief's bright amber eyes while his teeth clenched, legs kicking at the ground but not getting much traction, unable to get enough grip to raise himself back up...it was getting worse. He felt the tightening around his neck and his fingers trembling around the grip of his knife. It was impossible to breathe. His second reaction to the event once his legs failed him was to thrust the hilt of his knife into the side of his attacker, unable to build a proper flow of momentum due to the position but hitting again, and again, and again. When it seemed like the grip was loosening, Setsuka gasped for breath before getting choked once more, shaking, falling to his base instincts in reaction to that. The sound of skin being torn through and blood splattering filled his ears once he stabbed the arm of his attacked. Once, twice, thrice, each one deep enough to hit the bone and quickly done before the grip finally loosened to the point where Set could push out of it. Yanking his body from that of his attacker, he rolled up to his feet before jumping back, entire body shaking. "You...*cough* you're way too rough." He managed to breathe out, looking down to see his crimson coated blade. "And you aren't? I think you may have even broken through bone." The man said with a professional nonchalance that even his own typically melancholy self could become amazed by. Without another word, he put two fingers over his own wound and began healing it with a faint green light. "I was meant to train you directly, but it seems like we don't match well together. Perhaps we'd be on more even ground with your Flicker involved, but you have no time to wait for nightfall. Today is your test. You steal a thousand ryo worth of goods by dusk and you're allowed to be one of our street runners, Fenrir. Fail, and your wings stay clipped until you become valuable to us." Set nodded his head without a word, already aware of the test. "Just go through the motions, I'll watch you. If there are flaws in your form, I'll intervene to correct you." Another nod in reply. Setsuka wasn't much for wasting words when he didn't need to. Instead he just did as he was told and went through the motions, letting the knife flow through the air with simple movements of his arm at first...like he was charming a snake or luring an opponent into a false sense of security before lunging with a rough stab and two swipes with force behind them.
[Stage One learned of Sobagai Deba Sentou]

Aah, yes I know, I roll down in the deep, and I'm a loser. But i just want to go somewhere far away...that's it.

[ Bandit | Void Release | Bukijutsu/Tamer | Genin | Chakra 290/290 | Stamina 270/270 ]


Obsessive Hunter


PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:38 am

Character: Musunde "Soraru" Hiraite
Technique Name: State of Culling
Rank: No Rank
Type: Hakemoto
Element: Null
Description: This state is a forbidden one among the Hakemoto, and one frowned upon heavily despite being a precursor to many of the currently existing ones. While the Hakemoto are known for being a clan that banished the beasts and demons who ravaged the lands before the construction of the Shinobi villages, their weapon has been sealed away. After all, it would pose a serious threat to the way of Shinobi life, given the sanction of demons and curses within human vessels. Hakemoto techniques, Bukijutsu, and Taijutsu are treated as a rank higher when interacting with demon or curse mark hosts. This state is able to be discerned through the cross that forms on the users body that glows with their chakra color.
○ Requires [20] posts to learn.
○ [ 3 TP ] used every post.
○ Making direct contact with one of the aforementioned techniques on a a Bijuu, Jinchuuriki, or Curse Mark host refunds one [ 1 ] TP per hit.

Technique Name: Shimmering Exhale
Rank: X
Type: Hakemoto/Bloodline
Element: Null
Description: Dragging the palm of his hand against the surface of his blade, Soraru lets out a bright burst of his chakra in a medium-range blast similar in appearance to the Kamikaze technique of Tetsu no Ryu. This attack, like the Chou Chakra Rasengan, can seal demonic entities (including curse marks) for up to 6 posts within the weapon. If an enemy is stabbed or cut by the blade, Sora doesn't need to drag his palm along the surface. In this circumstance, the strike is treated as a rank higher in power.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:35 am
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Obsessive Hunter


Obsessive Hunter

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:37 pm
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