Manga Lords Has few terms and Conditions and I am obliged to address them:

1) Obey every command by Myself or any Vice-Captain

2) No posting unless in sub-forums or in a pre-made forum by myself or a vice-captain

3) Cursing is allowed but to a certain extent.

4) Cybering is completely prohibited and will not be tolerated. Cybering is to be reported to the Vice-Captain's and myself. If you are caught Cybering and it is not reported all who have posted in that forum upon the beginning of Cybering are banned for life, unless people have said, don'y cyber, delete your post, Or have stopped posting there completely.

5) Remember to add your favorite manga and donate gold

6) For a Vice-President position please PM me with your skeleton of choice. This will act as your resume and I will ask questions upon information I need.

7) A Member is only promoted to Crew under the circumstances that they have posted 1000 times, been an active guild member for 4 weeks, and have donated at least 7500 gold. The gold limit is terminated if we reach 5,270,000

cool Enjoy

Note- These rules are not inclusive and i retain rights to change them if I so choose.