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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - also, under renovation - still feel free to join, things such as forums might just be a bit disorganised.

Yuri-Tastic is a roleplay guild for anybody who enjoys and RESPECTS the genres of Yuri and Shojo-ai.
This role-playing guild will be an environment where you can meet new like-minded people and create stories how YOU want to. We offer a number of other sub-genres in RP. For example, we have sub-forums specifically for romance, horror, action and mythology based RPs.

This guild is also a safe zone for members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters. Guild chat is welcome among the members - we even have a forum for such things. So, come on in, relax, let your hair down and enjoy yourselves!


1. Follow NORMAL gaia TOS
2. Listen to your crew and Captain. Failure to do so will result in you being banned
3. NO CYBERING No online sex. At all. Keep it PG 13. This includes character pictures - if they are overly sexual, then don't use them.
4. I may ban whoever I please, if you are going to be a part of this guild, you must follow the Gaia TOS as well as any extra rules laid out here.
5. Boys/Men may join, BUT remember, this is NOT a cybering guild. Anybody abusing this regardless of gender WILL be BANNED and have a reference sent to the Gaia Mods.
6. Be as literate as you possibly can. Seek to push your limits - learn something new while you're here. One liners will be frowned upon. Seek to write stories, not just words.
7. Be respectful. Trolling/flaming and general hateful comments towards one another will not be tolerated. Should this be ignored you will be banned from the guild AND reported to the mods on Gaia.
8. HAVE FUN! The main reason anybody should RP is to have good CLEAN fun.
9. To join you MUST fill in the form below.


How did you find the guild?
Gender (Male/Female irl)
Age (Note This is not an 18+ guild)
Rp sample link (Preferred, but will make exceptions - ie. If you are wanting to learn how to RP.)
Why do you want to join? (IMPORTANT! Please write us a sentence or two as to why you want to join.)


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