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-Rooms for the characters and special locations
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-Makai Senate (Crew members and senators will vote for all laws and different issues of the Makai tournament)
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-Makai Academy (members who graduate makai academy may become senators,vice captains, own lands in Makai and advance in ranking )
-Rankings (Can advance in ranking trough battle or trough graduating different stages of Makai Academy)
- Wining the tournament will allow the member to become the king of Makai for 3 years and may hold any type of tournaments as he wishes ( also,will be advanced to Vice Captain )
-Any race may enter the Makai tournament.

3 years have passed since the previous Makai Tournament and now, team Urameshi has been reunited for a new epic battle.

The Rules

2. No godmodding. NO Mary Sues or Marty Stues,ok?
3. Follow all Gaian TOS.
4. This is a role play guild, so try and stick to the roleplay, ok? there can be a lot of battle,moderate or none. There will be special topics for discussion and conversation between the members, that are separate from the roleplay topics.
5. Cursing is permitted, but don't abuse it!
6. No cybering. You can do that in towns at any time if you like. Here,if you really can't live without it, do it within a roleplay!
7. YAOI IS tolerated, but please put a warning. Some members might not want to see any of that!
8. For the love of all things that are good, please stay in character! If you chose to roleplay a character (such as Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama etc ),please try and act accordingly to his personality and way of speech in the Anime/manga/OVA. You may modify his personality if you think something would fit,but try not to completely ruin it!
9. This is long term, please post 2 or 3 times a week at least.
10. This is a literate, semi-literate role play. That means one paragraph (5 sentances) at

least per post. And please, no "ENGRISH" or over use of short forms.

Main Characters for the taking

Urameshi Yusuke
Kazuma Kuwabara - TAKEN BY Aicirret Samurai
Kurama (Minamino Suichi)
Hiei - TAKEN BY Ban-chan7
Genkai - TAKEN BY BabiiBre402
Jin- TAKEN BY Ban-chan7
Toya - TAKEN BY ll T O U Y A ll
Chu- TAKEN BY IshidaMaeda
Rinku - TAKEN BY Ban-chan7
Shishi Wakamaru -TAKEN BY Ban-chan7
Mukuro - TAKEN BY Enigma Zariine
Koto - TAKEN BY blood_red_night

Supportive characters:

(As for now,the characters that can be taken are the ones who are still alive. Didn't add any of the dead characters,since the roleplay takes place after the storyline of the anime/manga ends )

The Kuroda house (where the characters will be staying within the tournament )
Outside view
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This is the house's layout.
I will assign rooms to the made ups when they arrive. If you want a particular room, specify

it in your profile.

Made up profile sheet

Pm the profiles to me. I want all of this filled out. Blank spaces will not be accepted. You you do not wish to reveal the past of your character,or any other traits, please state as "unknown" .

Character's Name
Race aka- Human,Demon (Youkai) Spirit,Shinigami,semi-demon etc.
Team availability yes/no (if you join along side to some friends with whom you would like to make a team,please state as so, otherwise characters who don't apply for a team will be set in a random team chosen by the captain/vice-captain )
Appearance -a description of your character and if possible, a picture ,drawing or graphic that would resemble to your character.

With nothing no further ado....I wish for you to have fun in the Yu Yu Hakusho Battle UNIVERSE!