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σνєя 1,000 ρσѕтѕ
σνєя 100 мємвєяѕ
ѕєяνιηg gαια ѕιη¢є נυу 25, 2010

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» ϒou're So Shameless
Do you have what it takes..?

» ʈhe Year? 2020. The location? The Satellite.
Welcome to The Satellite, The largest and most mixed culture city in the world. The entertainment industry is thriving as it always has. The Media is at the top of it's game, movies keep on coming, and models are showing off the world's latest and greatest fashions. And, on top of all that? The music industry. The world couldn't function without music, and this town is proud to supply some of the best.

Rivals run deep in this industry, and here record labels are each constantly signing new talent to defeat and outdo the other. Along with Studios and Fashion lines fighting for the top.

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» onations are gladly accepted
They're not mandatory but it'd be nice to have more forums and such ^.^

» ules & Regulations ?
These are found in the forum. Don't worry, there aren't many.

» " hat should I do first ? "
After you have gotten accepted, Just Click Here.

» ʈo join us
Just click join, everyone's accepted ^.^

n » pecial thanks to
J e n r e i for helping with the creation of this guild ^.^

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» hat Are You Waiting For ? Join us today!
Though, there are constantly other bands showing up, idols making new music, and actors getting the spot light. Can one group hold onto their spot light, or will someone else topple the tower they've built for themselves? This world is stressful, and the players are ruthless. Everyone around here can be so shameless.

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