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Long ago, The four kingdoms had lived in peace. They never fought, Instead they helped each other out and freely let their subjects travel throughout the kingdoms. But; Things can change. Tensions became high when one of the four kingdoms, Warwick started demanding more land from the others, resorting to kidnapping and murder. The other three kingdoms started to feel oppressed and also started fighting over changing the boarders.

While the four kingdoms fought they closed off their land to one another, becoming vile and constantly at war with one another. All trading between kingdoms were cut off and the only way to obtain goods from each of the countries is to get it illegally.

This feud has been going on well over a few hundred years and even to this day the families still hate one another, the subjects that run across people from other kingdoms will cause fights in the streets, If you are caught in a kingdom other then your own there are harsh punishments.

Will you be the cause of a devastating war? Or will you help bring peace back to the once peaceful kingdoms?

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