Welcome to "Why Not."
Not Just Another Poll Guild.

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So you've found our little guild. That's nice to hear! I suppose then that you are likely wondering what a guild called "Why Not" has in store for you, what its purpose is. Well, "Why Not" is what we have dubbed a "Jack of all Trades" guild. What this means is that this guild does everything. From polls, to bumping, to intelligent discussion threads, to roleplaying, to quest threads and shops, lottos, contests, spam, music, blogs, games, hangouts, anime, quizzes, food, books, and even monthly shin-digs (most recently the 2014 Easter Egg Coloring Event). You bet'cha, "Why Not" has them all.

The guild was started on the 12th of March, 2006. You can see how we've grown since then. "Why Not" see what all the others are up to and give it a shot? biggrin

Many of our current users have been ever so kind to donate to our cause, but in most causes, we get our gold supply from the insignificant fee you see of five gold one platinum.

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