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Hey there! You've stumbled upon WEIRD INC. Yes, I know the banner is misspelled. Let's just all pretend it was done on purpose, kay? Kay. At Weird Inc. we focus on the strange and unusual in people. We're a hangout guild for spam, memes, and average topics. But mostly, we just like being as random as freaking possible. Everyone is welcome here and welcome to talk about anything (as long as it's okay with the Gaia TOS). Tell us what you had for lunch! Tell us your favourite member of the Brittish royalty! Say BANANA BOLLOCKS BUTT over and over. No seriously, do it. The captain loves it.

We relish the differences in people (and robots!) and we think YOU Yes you! will fit right in. How can we know that? Simple, Everyone fits in here!. We're a safe happy place for anyone who needs one! Bigots, racists, and intentional cruelty towards others is not allowed.

Our guild offers
Lots of guild contests where you can win big!
Posting games and polls to kill time and make some gold!
Random giveaways and guild anon gifting!
Forums for roleplaying, hobbies, advice, quests, debates, and more!
Make your own public journal or diary for just our guild!
Make friends and possibly enemies! Frenemies!
Forums for Gaia games like Booty Grab and Lake Kindred!
Afilliates where you can browse cool links or have us advertise for you!

We're a guild for you to show off your talents, get to know people, and most importantly just be you. Whether you're 13 (the youngest age allowed on Gaia!) or 300 (Quite possibly Nicholas Cage status of immortality) we can guarantee you'll feel right at home here.

How to join this awesome guild
First please look over our guild rules.

Guild rules must be followed at all times, not following the guild rules will get you a warning. If you get three warnings you will be banned permanently from our guild.

Our guild does go by the ToS and the Rules and Guidelines if you are caught breaking these rules your offending post will be removed, you will be permanently banned from the guild without question, and we will have to report you to Gaia's moderation team.

We welcome everyone to join us, we accept blank join requests so don't worry about typing anything in.

We hope to see you in our guild!

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