The Year is 2035
Japan has Taken its turn into a Futuristic Era,Everythin is Futuristic Now,Car's,Guns,Tv's Everything.People who Wanted to stick to there od way of life had to adjust to a knew one and those who have already embraced the Future are loving it.Even the Clan's of Japan have Changed towards the Future and have gotten more high Tech.Instead of the Traditional Ninja Garb Ninja's now Prefer to Use New High Tech Light armor that allows them to be Faster,And Stealthier not only that but most Ninja's Use Guns Now With Silencers to get the job done Fast.

Now what has'nt changed is the war's amongst The clans of japan.The Wars are still Being waged and each is more Destructive and Bloody as the last and after the war is Over another One Begin's.The Tokyo city Police Usualy Arrive on the Scene Minutes later so They have Called in a new team of Law Enforcment,Now the question that's on Everyone's Mind the hell are they going to Stop the war?