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This guild is created to bring
all Viets together to represent our Vietnamese/Asian pride.
We're not here to say Viets are the best, we're here to make
it a fun place for everyone!
Post on our forums and participate in our activities!
Why hate? Instead lets come together and start to generate =)
Most important, this guild is not for only Vietnamese,
everyone can join.
So, hurry up and join Viet Central!!
We welcome everyone.

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We appreciate all donations to the Guild; and will use them to make the Guild a fun place for all members.
You can help the guild by donating gold to the gaia user x3_Rei, because she is the guild bank.
All donations to x3_Rei are used for prizes in contests and events that the Guild holds.
But, donating to the Guild also helps, except we can't take the money out. So you can decide where you want to donate to.
Rei's note Please trust me. I am not scamming you guys. Why would I scam my own people? I will keep a list of everyone who donated, so don't worry.

Ehh, we don't tolerate profanity.
Fighting/arguing makes us sad, so don't do it.
Have fun! There's so much to talk about here.
Hope you can be active though, cause we
want this guild to knock your socks off.

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Captain: Piggie Boo
Vice Captian #1: Icy Queenie
Vice Captain #2: x-Tami L
Vice Captain #3: Estera-Fucy
Vice Captain #4: x3_Rei
Crew #1: Computer G L ii T C H
Crew #2: sweettodie

New Banner By Rei: 8/23(Orange banner)
VC Photobook By Piggie: 8/25(Thread)
VC Captian Collage/Banner: 75% Done