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Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students the day class and the night class. At twilight, when the students of the day class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Little do the day class students realize about Cross Academy's dark secret... The night class is full of vampires!

Guild Rules:

1. Only the Captain and Vice Captains may enact a time warp, and only if it is approved by all of above-mentioned level guild members.

2. Your character is not invincible, don't try to pull god-moding.

3. New members are to create a profile before posting, so everyone can know who you are.

4. Vampires have certain weaknesses, they are to be followed according to the Vampire Knight story.

5. Vampire powers are to follow the chart posted by the Captain.

6. If a member is unactive for a period of three weeks or more, they will be messaged, and if there is no response for a week after that, they will be removed from the guild. (Groundings, Computer Problems, and mentioned absences are excused)

7. The only "Guardians" of the Cross Academy are Nanako Omahari and Hiroku Ravenscyr. (subject to rare change)

8. Chairman Cross is the only character who can remove characters from the school. (Excluding death-related removals)

9. New storylines that affect the entire guild can only be made by the Captain and Vice Captains.

10. If you have a complaint about another character, it will be dealt with by a Vice-Captain, just P.M. them.

11. No, this guild does not follow the story of Vampire Knight, but the occasional VK character may appear.

12. Most Important Rule: Have fun!


1.Nanako Omahari is the only rpc that has the power to disable your powers. She can only use it on rare occasions when there is god modding going on, but there are side affects that happen to that rpc. Hiroku Ravenscyr has the ability to half the effectiveness of any power.

2. There is a limit on how much power you can use depending on the level you are at.

3.Everyone starts at level one not knowing ANYTHING on how to use your powers.

4. Once you make your profile you must chose a power and stick with that power you can not change or add or delete anything that falls into god modding and it is unfair to everyone else.

5.Be descriptive on what you are doing when you use your powers, no one liners that's not descriptive and it just causes conflict.

6. You all have weaknesses.

7.You are not allowed to kill another rpc unless the owner says you can!!

8.After you use your powers, on a level that you used depends on the side affects that happen to your rpc.

9. You can not train by yourself until you reach level 10.

10. Have fun and be fair to each other, no god modding what so ever!