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Up high above the world below is a ship that soars through the skies. Running on solar energy , as well as a bit of magic, it is the only one of its kind and it serves as a safe home for many creatures who would otherwise be in danger on the world below. Unseen , the ship moves very quickly through the sky and circles the entire earth, picking up passengers as it goes. Although quite large, it is hidden from human sight and has been for over a hundred years. No one is quite sure who created the ship, only that for some it is a last hope. Those who join the crew become part of a noble cause, and become heroes to those that have found sanctuary within the many rooms of the ship. For the many who join as passengers, life on the ship is anything but ordinary.



1. We use third person in this guild, and you should too!
2. No God modding. This is annoying. If you do this you will probably get an instant ban.
3. You may have up to ten characters and we ask that you keep all of them active.
4. You may use anime or real images so long as they are appropriate.
5. You do not have to have the prettiest posting in the world, but you must have your character's image and name in every post. We want to know who we are roleplaying with.
6. Stay active! We want to enjoy your company, but we cant do that if you not logged on or joining in.
7. Respect crew members. They have a hard job, and work hard to make the guild as good as it can be. They deserve a bit of respect. And sometimes it can be stressful so please have patience with us.
8. If you have a problem with a guild member please let the Captain know. I will take care of it, not you.
9. Keep everything Pg-13, we don't want to get the guild banned! That would be no fun.
10. No one liners, we ask that all members stay semi literate and above. Give people something to reply to. But we do understand writers block.
11. Do as the crew asks. If we ask you to do something, we have a reason for it. Its better for everyone if you just comply. If you are unsure of what to do, ask the Captain.
12. Once you have read all of the rules, look below for the newcomers questionnaire and post it here in this thread. Thank you.
13. Oh ~ and keep in mind that we can and will change the rules as we see fit.



When Joining simply provide a sample of your literacy. It can be a link.