A hole has ripped in the time space between the normal world the human world as it is today, and the world of Isorth a world rid of humans and ran by animals. A place for those rejected by human life to live in a form of peace.

Already humans are starting to migrate over the thresh hold into the quiet land, to the animals you are a plague, to you they are the plague, nothing but rejects rats, Tanuki, ringtailed cats are the main types, but there are monsters, bigger things that pray on the small.

These animals have changed no longer are they just gray, black, brown, they are now reds, blues, oranges, mixed with tribals, stripes, dots. They have full speech ability, able to think to hate to love.

Its a mysterious new thresh hold, Do you dare cross over?


You walk along the path so beat and overgrown that if you weren’t on it you would have never figured it was a path after all. The roar of the water can be heard above anything else and you head towards it canteen in one had the other brushing branches clear.

Finally breaking clear of the trees your mouth drops, the river only about 10 feet wide stretches in front of you wildflowers and rocks litter the grass covered ground. The waterfall booming its distrust rushes quickly over a drop of nearly 50 feet into a pond at the bottom.

Over your amazement you head over to the edge bending to fill the canteen when a faint rustling grabs your attention. Jerking around you spy nothing given a sigh you look down right into a pair of beady eyes.

A RAT….. First thought is to squish it, second thought is to run. The rat was no normal rat, his odd markings distinguished that he wasn’t normal. His mouth opened first thoughts, attack, rabies, disease, infection, virus……………………………

“You act like you have never seen a rat before.” He blinks at you several more moments before turning to the pond and racing over drinking calmly like nothing had happened. Stumbling and crawling backwards you quickly get to your feet and turn around to run. Right into another set of beady eyes these ones at eye level.

“You’re so pale are you alright?” Taken back you fall only to hear more chattering afraid to open your eyes you lay there for several moments. Till a weight crawls up to your chest, “he can’t be dead he’s still breathing.” Slowly peeking out of the slits in your eyes you see a rather large creature sitting on your chest. Your first thought is raccoon but its to small to be. Second thought was invasion.

With a sudden impulse you jump up, to the total shock of the creatures. When you fully come to a stop nothing is around you. Had you imagined it all? You look around pairs of beady eyes watch you hiding under the brush. “Human you cause a lot of issues……….” Turning you come face to face with a very large dog, or you think it’s a dog. He laughs something you never expected from dogs around your home.

Finally with a sigh if this is a dream you cant die right? “Where am I?” your voice is quiet just even with a whisper.

“Well you’re not in Kansas no more if that’s what you think.” With a big grin he looks you over, “we have a lot to talk about human cause I fear you wont be going home soon.”

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