Our Guild is a small and growing group of Mercinaries, Bounty Bunters, and other Men of All Trades. We accept only the richest and the most powerfull rouges in gaia.. Our allience was formed as a familly for those who do as needed from the shaddows. Whether your past doings are bad or good we will take you in if you are a capable person.


NOTE: This guild is under reconstruction. Help and Ideas on reconstruction are greatly needed. Please remain active. At least 1 Job Offer must be taken up and completed with an ending report every month for those who are not online alot. For those who are active on gaia daily, this is a weekly task.

Mercenaries Lounge!!

Vongaia Familly Public Lounge!!

Welcoem to The Gaian Mercs of All Trades. It doesnt matter the reason or the task. We will do it. If you are wondering how you can ask us for help, you may send in a job application telling us what we need to do. The job application should be PM'd to one of our Epmloyers listed below.

Saito Soumaru
Sayge Kitsune
Yamo Soumaru
Master Fearhoral