~ Rules ~

1.) Follow all Gaia's Terms of Service
2.) Keep it PG-16. If we catch anyone cybering, we'll ban you. And personally humiliate you. Publicly.
3.) No god modding! Limit 2-3 powers per character, and really, everyone has some weakness. Besides, no one likes the invincible dude.
4.) If you're going to curse, then limit it to once in awhile. We will not tolerate more than that.
5.) When applying for the guild, add a + so we know you read these rules. Do the same for your character thread.
6.) Respect each other, the captain, and the crew. If one of them tells you to do something, obey. However, if you do not agree, talk to the Captain and we'll settle this for you.

Becoming Crew

If you want to be part of our crew, you must
1) Be active
2) Be literate
3) Donate a stack of gold to the guild
4) Send a pm with reasons as to why you deserve the position
~ Friending the Cap'n wouldn't hurt either. No limit for crew this time around.