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"War. War is a loathsome thing, a last resort for many, yet a first solution to others. War can break a man, war can make a man. War can settle disputes, war can start them. War can forge alliances, war can destroy them. To go to war is to go against creation, but sometimes, destruction is the only path leading to that creation."
- Relyk

"Speak for yourself. The only thing war accomplishes is having more people working for me."
- Sejoph

The galaxy has never seen anything like this. It all started with the destruction of one planet, a planet once known as Elagor. It was home to humanity, home to Draconians, Ork, Dwarves, Tyrants, Elves, all kinds of creatures. But when that one world was destroyed, it seemed that only the humans lived on.

But why? Why was that planet destroyed? This has been a question on the Republic's mind ever since it happened five years ago. Elagor, once a happy and peaceful place, is now known as Abyssus. Seers and Mages are saying that it is the sign of the apocalypse, but no one wants to believe it.

It hasn't been a bother ever since, though. The galaxy has been on edge, but everyone has lived on so far. Yet there are still whispers of death, chaos, war. There are those that say that this marks the end of the realm, that this is the final blow to life to destroy it all. Some are screaming that war is coming. But war between who? Who will win this war? What is the reason? How will it end?

All questions. Questions that need answers. Questions that only the brave can answer. With their answers, the face of the galaxy will change. It is all in your hands to change.



Send an example of how well you can role-play, it will be approved by a moderator, or you will be told what is wrong and be encouraged to change that. Don't worry, we're pretty lenient.


Creator - Necro Fusion
Co-Creator - Enragedphoenix91

Inspiration: Countless video games, (Halo Series, Advent Rising, The Elder Scrolls, Starcraft, etc.) Numerous books, (LoTR, Eragon, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, etc.) Friends, Family, Music, (The Kovenant, Breaking Benjamin, Rammstein, anything that we find enjoyment or a story in) Random objects and thoughts, Warhammer 40,000.

Most importantly:
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