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Leaves drift lazily from many trees as the seasons change and the world changes along with them. All are crisp and colourful, but still quite different in origin and appearance. Yet all leaves collect to form an intriguing pile of many shapes and shades.

This is my concept, and these are my things: of many a different origin and yet within one intricate collection.

Welcome to Tuppi Shimati, a mythology-inspired menagerie of a roleplay guild. With the average lifespan of a Gaia roleplay being next to nothing, I wanted my own place to be creative and weird and not have to be concerned with having the right (or active) place to do it. Consider it a shrine to my stubbornness if you like. I don't mind.

Everyone is free to read, but not everyone needs to write. I'm really not expecting anyone to join, but serious join requests only. And don't be offended if you're declined. Please.

I can't promise to always be a bastion of activity, but I'm definitely more inclined to work on things here than be ignored in other places.

What will you find in this pile of leaves?