Hello All! This here is Synthesized Sickness, formally know as Soviet Union, formally known as The Flying Bacon.
I want to tell you that this guild was chosen to be upgraded to an empire willing to take over the world.
This guild is no longer a disscusion for video games only.
Thanks for understanding, and remember, T.O.E,
short for Triangle of Evil, is an expanding corporation,
so please, invite all of your friends!
As you can see, below is T.O.E.'s symbol.
A sly reference to the Deathly Hallows, which this stands for.
To become emperors of the world, our research department has
started the quest for the next items, the Death Stick, The Cape, and The Stone. Please consider the following:
-T.O.E is not an R.P. Guild, although you could start an R.P. in any subforum if you wanted to.
-We are not die hard H.P. fans, we just are willing to rule an undead army and take over Earth.
-Please, please! Do not enter thinking we are actually not serious. Seriously, we aren't.
-T.O.E is a discussion guild, and while there is a plotting room, we do not want to run your imagination with actual plots to rule the world.
-Be sure to have fun.

Triangle of Evil has nothing to do with racism against Muslims, or Jews, or anyone.

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