Okay, I've finally put this up because we have enough people in the guild who have had their reason be 'I love Tokyo mew Mew' Or something like that. That was when I was accepting most people to the guild. Anyway, here is what I would like to see in a request to join:

1. The fact that you are Semi-literate and up. That basically means showing in there that you can speak in full words and sentences, and using correct punctuation (periods, exclaimation points, question marks, and quotation marks (when needed), at the minimum. Correct capitalization is not required.
2. A reason for why you would like to join, or how you got into Tokyo Mew Mew. You NEED to have this. No 'I love Tokyo Mew Mew' or one sentence things like that. At least two sentences, please. You can still say that you love TMM, but you have to have at least one sentance other than that.
3. A Role Play sample. This isn't required, it just shows me that you can Role Play.

I realise that in the past we also said that if you want to give us a name that you want to go by, you can, but...
Hehe, we never keep track of these things.
You still can, but don't expect us to call you by that...

Alright. I'm getting really sick of this now. Often times, I will see one-line requests, that say 'please accept me' at the end. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE. If you say 'Please Accept me' I will be more likely to DECLINE you, unless you have a decent request.

That's really it.

--Note: If you are declined (or accepted...), and you don't understand why, Feel Free to PM Kira(Mew Purin~chan) asking why you got declined (or accepted...). No one here is mean (for the most part...), really--

Hey, Welcome to Tokyo Mew Mew Academy (TMMA) on Gaia. We are a friendly group, willing to have people who know both Tokyo Mew Mew and Mew Mew Power. BUT we have a requirement - you have to be semi-literate and up.
We don't like character spin-offs for characters. No people with mew appearances that are computerly edited ones of the originals, and things like that. That gets Kira maaad. And if your character is like one of the made ups, that gets other people mad.
We do not really like the dub (Mew Mew Power) too much, and so we try to get people to talk about the original names. There will be a list so that if you're talking about one person from MMP (Mew Mew Power), you can reffer to them by the name that they have in TMM (Tokyo Mew Mew).

Dub name --> Original name

Zoey --> Ichigo
Corina --> Minto (Or Mint)
Brigit --> Retasu (Or Lettuce)
Kiki --> Purin (Or Pudding)
Renee --> Zakuro
Dren --> Kisshu (Or Kish, Quiche, etc)
Tarb --> Taruto (Or Tart)
Sardon --> Pai (Or Pie, but you don't see that very often)
Mark --> Masaya
Blue Knight --> Blue Knight (Yay for just a translation!)

There are others that I don't feel like listing right now.
Also, a list of Gaia usernames and who they are from TMMA(and their status):

Angelique-Kira Tasima: Kira (Status: BACK)
Hakkin: Cinna (Status: Active)
Marshiemallows: Suki (Status: Active)
BridgitKiido: Shirley/Bridgit (Status: Active)
Tifa-Cat: Chi (Status: Active)
Emilyyamaki: Emi (Status: Semi-Active)
Spicer24: Leighto (Status: Inactive)
Mew May-chan: May (Status: Inactive)
o.O Demented Fishie O.o: Fishie (Status: Inactive)

The colors for the mods are:


Any mods not listed for a color have not chosen.