Welcome to Tir Na Nog, the land Behind the Mirror.
The name comes from celtic mythos. Come inside and see the wonders that await you...
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This is a guild of VARIETY. We have charity, contest and chatting forums. We have THREE seperate roleplay forums so you can play at your level. A great booty grab thread for the guild only, a less lag version of CAFE' Booty. There are also forums for having your art or stories read and rated. As well as a place to display original artworks and FREE art. We also have forums and music that also has videos for all kinds of genres. I also split techno into it's own raving forum, where we also give tips on free-style, glow-string, poi and glowsticking. This is a guild to express yourself in or to make some great friends. If you'd like to join send in a request saying why you would like to join, most anyone is welcome. Being rude will get you blacklisted however and disbanded from our halls.