so as you all know you have to pick your character(and name) and message them to me or the VCs and then we post it but this is how it works


There are 10 Classes of Characters you can play as.
1 HUMANS: These are normal people no special powers or anything.
2 VAMPIRE HUNTERS: These are humans who hunt Vampires. Some work for "Devil May Cry" a hunters group and others are free lancers.
3 VAMPIRES: These vampires must sleep during the day and when there need to feed their eyes glow RED. There are three kinds of vampire; those who kill when they feed, those who feed from either donated blood or willing donors, and those who feed of of animals.
4 MERMAIDS/MERMEN: Merpeople can live either on land or in the see. Most live in the ocean(coming soon). As long as they keep their legs dry they look human..but once they get wet they turn back to being a merperson.
5 WERE-WOLVES: These are shape-shifters. They live in the wood and have control over when they shift. They have one main rule...STAY AWAY FROM HUMANS! If you break this rule your are banished from the pack.
6 PETS: You must get these from D'S Pet Shop. There are two kinds of pets. The normal ones which can be found in the front of the shop. And the Magical...these are found in the back of the shop...there can be some consequences to owning try if you dare.
7 WITCHES/WIZARDS: These are humans who can cast magic. They can either practice...Black, White, or Gray magic that's all up to you.
8 DRAGONS: These are a two part character. A human and their dragon counterpart. The Humans and Dragons are pared up at the age of 10.
9.THE HALF BREEDS: Again this is a class you need to have that Captain's approval to have your character be like this. These characters are hybrids like (mermaid/vampires...or were-wolves/witches). And others such things.
10.OTHER: This is for those whose characters don't fit into the types above. You can send the Captain any Characters who fall in this category and then if its ok you can play as them. Only the Captain can ok these types.

Pictures are provided but you don't need to use them just pm the pictures and their codes and if its ok you will be told s and you can start to RP

your captain,

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