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-All thanks to Una-chan for her amazing work

Before joining this guild, please make sure to read this guild's Rules and Regulations,
as they will be taken as understood during your stay with us.

As we are trying to build a friendly community of literate role players, please do not be offended if we reject your application.
We retain the right to do so.

To join please copy the following into the guild application window and fill it out accordingly:

[1.] How did you find us?
[2.] Who is your favourite SnK character and why?
[3.] Would you consider yourself to be a literate RP player?
[4.] Have you taken part in RPs before? (Gaia or other platform)
[5.] Why would you like to join?
[6.] Tell us a little about yourself!
[7.] How often are you able to post?
[8.] Link(s) to recent RP samples (Gaia ONLY, or copied and sent in PM):

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We are also aiming to be the no.1 SnK community on Gaia as well.
Join us and share your SnK experiences, ideas, and random moments with us!

(Sources used throughout the guild for background information: Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki)