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Years ago war spread across the land. Tension between the demons and angels triggered it. The demons and angels, fearing the necromancers power attacked and wiped out the entire race. Now all that's left is the ruins of the old necromancers city. Rumors have been spreading that two remain. Twins who managed to escape from the bloody mess. Soon the rumors became a legend and the races named these twins "The Twin Keys" The races believe that the key to victory lies within these powerful twins. The leaders of the races are hell bent on finding these twins and putting them to use... That's if they exist, And if they can find them.

Other than the legend going around, some races remain neutral with the war. The leaders of each of the races can sign alliances with the other races to make their army stronger. Still some people will try and drive the neutrals into war. Each race is powerful in their own ways and each have their own unique powers and political stances.


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