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imsosexy• A guild that focuses on community discussion and relationships
imsosexy• An instant cure for numerous illness and diseases such as boredom, herpes, and
imsosexy• The happiest place on Earth

Why should I, supremely awesome Gaia member, join the Suites?

imsosexy• We have events, contests, and prizes.
imsosexy• Our threads cover a wide variety of topics, and our members have a range of interests. There's
imsoosexysomething for everyone.
imsosexy• Our members are amazing.
imsosexy• Our mods have loving yet swift hands of fluffy justice. And love you, and may, if you are good,
imsoosexyallow you to get to second base.
imsosexy• When we take over the world, you will be spared for your good tastes.
imsosexy• We have cultivated fields of fun we have hidden underground. It's were we all go to frolic. With

What forums does the Suites offer me?

imsosexy• Suggestions
imsosexy• Help and Resources
imsosexy• SPAM
imsosexy• RP Retreat
imsosexy• Health and Fitness
imsosexy• Fun & Games
imsosexy• Memorable Threads

Who do I need to bribe to get in?

The Suites accepts all requests - no matter what (with the obvious exception being members who have been permanently banned). Your request does not need to contain anything or can say whatever you like.
The Suites is a representable establishment. That means, while we frequently participate in cannibalism and kite flying, we do not take bribes or entry fees. Yes no entry fees.


The Suites prefers you send donations to the guild mule, so we can use donations for prizes, but you either:
imsosexy• Donate directly through the form below
imsosexy• Donate to our guild mule here.

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imsosexyThis week really long time's winner is... Bebbo.

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