Welcome to my quaint little guild. As you know this is The Show Must Go On, and it's a guild for roleplaying. Yes there are rules, and yes you do have to follow them. When applying to join this guild I request that you tell me why you want to join, how you found found the guild, and lastly how active you are going to be. Also this is not a guild that you can come to and rp, then drop once you're done. What I'm saying is that you have to be frequently active. When you have been accepted to the guild introduce yourself, then feel free to make your rps and join others rps.

#1. Please keep it PG. we might have other`s who don`t appreciate that and if you're going to do something bad in your RP please take it to PM or time skip
#2.This is my Guild, so what I say goes
#3.have fun
#4.Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum if others don't like it.
#5. No godmoding
#6.be nice to other people.
#7.don`t kill off someones character without their consent.
Other than that I`m pretty cool, but I warn you now, if you break any of these rules I`ll give you 2 chances, at most, but then your gone!
{Guild donations are appreciated.}