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It started with Kvatch, and then they began opening all over the place. In what seemed like a random and sporadic attempt to overwhelm Cyrodiil, the Oblivion gates began to appear everywhere. At first we thought that we were doomed, but one hero saved us all, closing them one by one, and in the final hour, that hero shut the final massive Oblivion gate and the dragon returned, saving us from the Daedric prince and his army of horrors.
But now Cyrodiil is weak. Not in danger from other kingdoms, but from it's own people. With each city's guard hurt by the Battle of Bruma, and the imperial guard's numbers crippled by Mehrunes Dagon last desperate attempt to conquer.
The fighters guild is acting as it's own police force in the towns other than the Imperial City. While they usually are just a helping hand, they sometimes forget their only helping the law, not taking over it.

The thieves guild runs rampant, stealing this and that from every snobbish rich man in Cyrodiil. Their numbers are rising as the number of poor begins to slowly increase and more and more people are beginning to acknowledge their existence.
Still as dark and mysterious as ever, the Dark Brotherhood remains both secretive and in fairly small numbers. While the wound to the city guard has emboldened a few people to join up, they still have their same style, a few that can do much.
The Mages Guild has stepped up to help patrol the various cities along-side the fighters guild, particularly in the Imperial City where they are also helping rebuild structures damaged by Mehrunes Dagon and his minions.

The arena in the Imperial City has opened two types of combat up to the public, you may now participate in or bet on either fights that are blue team against yellow team, a lone fighter against a beast or two, or multiple fighters against many beasts.

Kvatch is still in ruins, although the small settlement of survivors has grown as more have moved into their humble village, seeking a simple and small life. The village's small wooden and straw huts have extended all the way to their gate city's main gate. Thanks to the leadership of their new count (although officially they still have none, he is considered Kvatch's leader) Savlian Matius they have put out the fires, removed the bodies, claimed what's left of their things, and now Kvatch is just toppled over rubble, crippled buildings, and burnt homes.

How will you live your life in this new world? Will you help bring order back, let things continue to spin out control, or try and pry control of Cyrodill away from Chancellor Ocato and set in a new ruler and a new kingdom for the land?

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Important Things to Remember
1. You must be a literate roleplayer. While quality is always the most important, we can't have people putting one liners. If the average amount you put into a post is at least one or two decently sized paragraphs then you're in, anything less is unacceptable. Anything more is great!
2. Put the following things into your join request

a) What makes you want to be in this guild and what things about you would make you an asset to it?
b) What kind of elements do you enjoy in a roleplay? Lots of violence? Lots of romance? No violence? No romance? Suspense? Gore? Epic sized stories or brief and eventful ones?
c) Put an example of your roleplaying skill. Either type out a post in the application or send a URL that leads to an example of your RP abilities.

3. If you do plan on going somewhere and are in an RP, be courteous to the person you are RPing with and put up a leave request so everyone knows you'll be gone.

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If you have any questions at all, or want to donate to the guild, please contact the captain or a vice-captain and they will be more than happy to assist you!

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