The realm of crusaders

The days of war have only just began. The crusaders are fighters who stand strongly against the enemy of mankind. The Aneulens, the destroyers. They have much land to defend from these "Aneulens", and will do everything at will to stop them. They've even gathered forces and other worlds to help them fight these horrifying monsters. Allowing the light back into the world may be the only hope this world gets. Gathering everyone and anyone at desperate times, must be called upon. Will you fight against the Aneulens? Or will you fight with THEM? The fate of this world lies within the hands of the Crusaders and the destruction of this world, along with mankind, in the Aneulens. The choice is yours to decided which team you are with. But the time is now, and it's calling you home! Choose now and join our fight, we need YOU to calm the rage and hate from these two enemies..

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In order to join this guild you must put these in your requests (The answers of course!)
* How would you rate your Roleplaying on a scale of 1 to 10?
* Give an example of your Roleplaying ability.
* Is your grammar pretty decent?