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Please leave all seriousness at the door. You won't be needing it here. ~ The Abominable Cleste. That's our motto!

It isn't about fame, glory, intelligence, or murdering someone! It's about being as random as you can be, or should I say, being "yourself". Here at Random Society, we promise you an entertaining and productive stay at the randomest of guilds. We have people dedicated by instructing, demonstrating, and mentoring those wishing to learn the arts of being a degenerate. Now, I can't say we're ALL about being random! Of course, every person has a different taste and style, and we appreciate that because the world would be incredibly boring if we didn't! We appreciate ANY new members, donations, or ideas and suggestions about how to improve the guild! We do have a few rules, but what's not to love about RANDOM rules, eh? Cheese, sausages, tomatoes, pickles, some of the random foods I'm choosing right now out of stupidity! We have mermaids, cheese deliverers, restaurants, theme parks, and any other creative random object or idea you can think of in a society! ROLEPLAYING, CONTESTS, AND AN ART SUB are included in this guild, of course. We will also have more intelligent forums for the serious people, xD. What's not to love about the Random Society of Degenerates! We may be random, but that doesn't mean we're not AWESOME! Random, stupid, intelligent, psychotic, and drunk users must join now! JOIN NOW, WE KNOW YOU'LL LOVE IT!

NEW FEATURES Fandom Tandem, the sub for all your fandom needs!

"If you look at our guild in all its totality, you'll see why you should join this guild. We pride ourselves in the plethora of subforums we have to serve a variety of people and their personalities. We have odd balls here, we have normal people, we have dictators, and we have sugar coat plushie cuteness. It doesn't matter who you are, so long as you can talk a little and be nice to the members, you will fit in just fine. Don't expect miracles, but do expect to have fun and to make friends. Love is found in the smallest of places. Ten years ago I created this guild, and now it's a sanctuary to our many active members whom are like family. It could be yours too. It could be yours too =]"


Your Captain,

~Blind Blindness~