The world of Reperia is now in the throes of the Degradation. Because of their prolonged use of machima, the planet is in a state of decay. Machima sustains the world through siphoning Aether, the energy Reperia is ruled by. Unbeknownst to the people of Reperia, the Aether is derived from the Greater and Lesser Vespers and because of the draw to keep their world alive, the Lesser Vespers have been dying.

This has left the planet a barren wasteland where the only water and nature is synthetically created by machima. The planet is doomed by use of machima, yet they will still face extinction without it.

The Magistrate has allowed the creation of Guilds, organizations of people with smiliar goals to hunt for the elusive "Eden". The legend of Eden is that the Greater Vespers, aware of what the Reperians were doing to their world, took the majority of Lesser Vespers and sealed off with world with a schism called the "Palisade", effectively abandoning their creations and leaving Reperia, save for Eden, to die. The Vespers that have remained to govern Reperia are now being killed by use of machima.

Just click "Join Guild", submit a sample of your Roleplay and we will review it for approval. The same goes with Regents. We will review your application for a Guild and either deny or approve it. If denied we will let you know why so you can rectify the situation and make your Guild.

The Promise of Eden offers quite a few incentives

1. We have different races, with a chance for new Roleplayers to introduce new races to become canon to the world.

2. A unique Guild system comprised of 20 Guilds. Each Regent(Leader) of the Guild controls their own subforum and section, deciding what members join and how they want to run their own guild.

3: A Code system to rank members of your Guild based on their character's skill.

4: A soon-to-be implemented system of 100 missions given out weekly, divided amongst the Guilds. Think of them as small Roleplay plots for your members to engage in for monetary reward within the Roleplay and for action outside of just interaction with other Guild members.

5: Story and skilled-based tournaments to help Guilds ascend the ranks. Help your Guild climb to the number one ranked Guild in Reperia.

We are looking for Regents(Leaders) for the Guilds before we open. We have 18 spots to fill and it is a first come, first serve basis.

Advantages of being a Regent are:

1: Power over your own Guild(subforum).

2. You control who joins your Guild.

3. What Code you assign to your members.

4: You get to name your own Guild.

5: You essentially get to create your own story within a persistent world.

Be aware being a Regent does not mean you are a Captain or Vice Captain. You are just essentially a moderator of your own Subforum, which you can control however you want within the rules of Reperia.

We hope to open within the next two days and will hopefully have all Guild Regents and Guilds filled and created.

Right now we are even offering a grand opening event!

Two random Regents of The Promise of Eden will receive September's Monthly Letter 2013 for absolutely free.


So come and join us. We'd love to share our world with you!

We will update you soon on when The Promise of Eden becomes available to members looking to join the Guilds.