Political Correctness: noun. a language conceived and derived by the leftist communist agenda and is the mandatory language of the earth, used to control thought processes and to discourage free thought and expression of humans in order to lower them to the level of “mindless sheep” (see “brainwashing”)

Political Incorrectness: verb. a counter language designed by the last of the free thinkers in order to combat the restrictive and mind dulling effects of Political Correctness. It’s illegal in most states (it warrants the death penalty in California) use it whenever you come into contact with Political Correctness. Exposure to free thought will melt the reactor core of the PC propaganda unit and will result in defeat.

Throughout the history of man, free speech has been a right and a liberty that we have striven for ages to protect and keep. Whether fighting the Communist and Nazi propaganda unit, to getting the ACLU to stop censoring books from the public education system, free thinkers have fought and fought hard to remain free thinkers. But even as we speak, a new large-scale virus of the Leftist wing has spread into our strongholds, a virus that affects the mind and turns the victim into a propaganda-spewing zombie.

The language of Political correctness.

I have had enough of it. I have had enough of being sexist and racist and insensitive when I am merely “being truthful to the way I was born” as the liberals say. So I say it’s time to strike back. I say it’s time to beat back the forces of evil in the guise of “sensitivity” and “equality” it’s time to throw of the leftist V-chip and speak our native language-Truth!

So who’s with me? Who will stand against the Red forces as they invade the world like Mexicans in California? Who’s tired of having to look around before they speak. Who misses the colorful insults at the expense of the handicapped?

If this is you, then welcome.
You have discovered Politically Incorrect.

This is one of the last remaining strongholds against the invading horde.
Come and prepare with us for the assault against the mind control and thought police of the left.

Understand though, political incorrectness is NOT:
Going out of your way to offend others (unless their extreme lack of intelligence demands it)
Spewing profanity. Profane words are a sign of an insufficient or useless vocabulary, the trademark of our enemies. If you use profanity, it will only be used in proper context to its word. We will not tolerate useless words.
A needless war of the words. Words are powerful, respect your vocabulary and watch what you say, it may come back to haunt you. Or at worst, destroy you.

What political Incorrectness IS:
The ability to state your true feelings and getting your point across truthfully
The ability to disagree with someone,
no matter how powerful they may be or how wrong or right they are.
Knowing what to say and when.

So come inside and join us, but only if you plan to be active. Our recruits will not sit around and do nothing. Anything is open for discussion, the most useless subjects to the most taboo. Be a free thinker, open minded, but still intelligent.
Read guild TOS before participating.
Leftists: join at your own risk, if you prove you are indeed the rarity of a free thinking liberal then you will be accepted, otherwise, prepare for your extinction.

So welcome, brethren. We hope you enjoy your stay. Whether you are preppy, Goth, emo, or just plain insane, there is a place for you here, and if there’s not, make one here. So stand up, let your voice be heard and one day the sun will shine again as the darkness of political correctness falls back under our victorious crusade!

To Join, simply send a request stating your reasons for admisson. 10 to 1 you will be accepted. Everyone gets a chance.
~MangaTurtle, Founder

There is no philosophy so bigoted these days as radical Liberalism. As with the Islamic world, the moderates are scared into silence by the radicals and the society plunges into madness. DOWN WITH THE JACKBOOTED LEFT!