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Welcome to the last role playing guild you will ever need to join; The Note. Crafted from years of role playing experience, and guild management. We believe in a role play experience that is optimized for your enjoyment. We host one major role play at any given time, but allow players to create their own topic, multi-topic, or forum role plays within our guild. We believe that great members make a great guild, and thus we wish to cater to your will. Please feel free to contact the guild Captain (narxfang), and we wish you luck as you begin the role play adventure you have always wanted.

Join Request Information

[b]Why do you wish to join?[/b]
[b]Real Life Age[/b]
[b]Preferred Name(s)[/b] (or nicknames)
[b]What kind of RP experience are you interested in?[/b] (One on One? Multi-Person? Topic? Multi-Topic? Forum? Combat? Fiction? Sci-Fi? Create your own RP?)
[b]Did anyone invite you? Please list your reference, and any other friends that you might know in this guild[/b]
[b]Do you have any questions?[/b]

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Also, we plan to publish an ebook using any and all writing within this guild. Thus by joining this guild you are agreeing to let us use any and all work of yours posted in this guild. Please join our wonderful anthology team to help make this dream become a reality!