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Ever wonder what it would be like to be a ninja?
How about a Ninja from Naruto?
Well you can here! You live in the village you want, pick
your Jutsu's, and choose your destiny/path!
A Role Playing Guild.

Set in the future, after Naruto.
The Leaf & Mist village have a current alliance, and things have been quite peaceful. Except for, the few spats between different shinobi, and the occasional missing-nin.
But recently, there has been whispers of a reviving of the Akatsuki. And, possibly lead by one of Leaf's most recent Missing-Nin. So far they are just whispered rumors...
Will you join to help uncover the truth to the rumors? Will you show your loyalty and fight for your village?
Or will you join the Akatsuki and aid in their rise to power?

It's all up to you, it's your Ninja Way.

✘ Looking for Role Playing Naruto Fans

✘ Active Members

✘ Choose your Village

(We currently have Leaf, Mist, Rain, Sound, Rock and Akatsuki groups you can join. And many other sub-forums.)

✘ A Guild for Beginner to Experienced Role Players.

✘ More than just Naruto Role Plays

✘ Great Members and Moderators

✘ Lots of plot twists and turns

✘ Currently excepting all ranked Ninja for a short time.

(Afterwards, anyone who joins begins as a Genin rank and must complete missions/exams to be promoted)

✘ Free to Join

This is a Guild that is growing nearly every day with more and more active members...
But, we hope to have more people joining in on the fun and chaos of The Ninja Way.
The Only thing we ask in return is...
for you as a new member to be active.

So join a village to help fight off the Akatsuki...
Or become a Rogue and try to out smart the others...
Last but not least, see if you have what it takes to be an Akatsuki member and help in their rise to power.

Please Read Before Donating!

If you are planning on donating to the guild, please send a trade to the guild account.

! Do Not Donate to The Form Below !

Guild donation sent directly to the guild (Through the donation form below) are only used to create new Sub-Forums and send out Announcements through PM's.
So please if you would like to donate...
Send a trade request to: TNW Mascot. [Click link to go directly to trade]
All gold and money earned through this account will help us hold contests, prizes, giveaways, and freebies through the guild!

TNW Mascot Avi:
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Please use the mascot listed above.